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I have worked hard and put many long hours into this website over the past several years. Prior to this one I had others on free servers. Through the passing of time I learned how to make my own backgrounds and write my own thoughts on these pages. They represent part of me and my thoughts and being. I do it for the pleasure it brings me and the pleasure it brings visitors that come and spend time here.

I have also included my own photographs on my sites. By themselves, used in backgrounds and on my awards. Taken over the years, some of which are my favourites. Years ago I had written and published a manual of sorts that is copyrighted and since then all my photo's, poetry, graphics and such have been added to the list of legally copyrighted items.

When I started on the net I fell under the illusion as a lot of people do that there is such a thing as 'public domain'. No such thing really exists. I made the mistake as a beginner to use backgrounds and gifs and such from these kinds of sites but have since removed almost all of them and the very few backgrounds/gifs I still use that are not mine I have either asked permission from the creator and given credit for it or have put on the page that I do not know who owns it but will give the person credit or remove it if they wish if I can just find them and get proof that it is theirs. I have spent hours on end trying to find the rightful owners.

All I ask of my viewers is that they please respect the hours and love and work that went into this site and if you wish to use something here to please email me and ask and that you provide a link back to my site.

No one by any means is perfect and I rightfully admit to doing what most people do in the beginning and screwed up royally by not knowing the legalities of what I was doing. Which, I may add, is no excuse. I've learned better since.

So, with that said, I'd like to add that due to the size of my websites there may be some outdated copyright years on some pages. There are even pages where I have forgotten to put it on them. These are copyrighted as well though. It is hard to remember to change them all or to get the time to. Please take note that every page of this domain or any websites of mine are (whether it says on the page or not):

copyright 1998 - 2006 vjr All Rights reserved.

*NOTE* Photos in the section called "Outback" are copyrighted to Rod. Please respect his copyright.

Personal and non-commercial use limitation. You are not allowed to modify, copy, distribute, display, reproduce, publish, license, create other works from, transfer, or sell any information from this web site without permission. Please honour creative endeavors!

*note* photo's on the U.S. Tribute pages are copyrighted to U.P. & A.P.

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