"My Favorite Photographers"

Since I was a little girl and my mother gave me an old brownie I have been fasinated with photography. There was a slight problem, we were so dirt poor it was seldom that she could afford a roll of film. But the passion bit and to this day I am fasinated with photography. Over the years I saved until I could purchase the camera of my dreams and since then I have been adding lenses, filters, etc. A few years ago I finally purchased my wide angle lense.

As my passion evolved, so did my love for the work of others. On these pages you will find some of the work of my three favourite photographers. Anne Geddes and Annie Leibovitz, and Joyce Tenneson.

Their love of their art, nature and the human species is enlightening, erotic and captivating.

Below you will find galleries to click on. Some are in an applet of several of the specified photographers shots. I hope you enjoy their work and passion as much as I do. *NOTE* Each page has a 'go back to the page you just came from' link. Click it to go back to the individual index pages for each artist.

"My Favourite Photographers (Top)"
"Anne Geddes - Galleries"
"Annie Leibovitz - Galleries"
"Joyce Tenneson - Galleries"

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