Hi.. Welcome to my desktops. To see the desktops in full size, click on the "thumbnail" of it.

PLEASE... remember when you view these you will be viewing them in a browser not on your desktop but they are made to fit desktops. Thank you...

All photo's vjr . If you really like one and would like to use it feel free. I would appreciate and email from you though. If these are successful I will make more. Thank you for your consideration.

desktop #1
desktop 2
desktop 3
desktop 4
desktop 5
desktop 6
desktop 7
desktop 8
desktop 9
desktop 10
desktop 11
desktop 12
desktop 13
desktop 14
desktop 15
desktop 16
desktop 17
desktop 18
dt-lust at Hanlon's Point - desktop 19
desktop - monarch butterfly 4
desktop - sailboats at Hanlon's Point - Toronto Islands
desktop - monarch butterfly 2
desktop 18 - Center Island Trees - Toronto
pink flowered tree - Allen Gardens Toronto
pink flowers on tree - desktop 25
purple flwr - Summer 2002
old city hall - Toronto - July 2002
Sailboats & CN Tower - Wards Island Toronto Sept 2002
R.C.A.F. aircraft - Air Show Toronto - Sept. 2, 2002
Toronto Skyline - Shot from Wards Island - Sept. 2, 2002 - desktop #30

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