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Welcome to my background pages. Here you will find the links to my pages of backgrounds and their mini prints. All these backgrounds are made with a width of 1250 so there should not be any problems on pretty much any size screen. (these were made on a 480x640 screen so smaller screens will accept them fine also)

These graphics are for use by the public with my permission. Please email me and leave me the URL of the site that you wish to use these borders on. My email can be found on the main page. These are all made with fully copyrighted photos I have taken. I also require a link back to me and there is a button per set that is for that.

There will be 5-10 backgrounds per page so it will load relatively quickly for you.

I_want's floral backgrounds page one

I_want's floral backgrounds page two

I_want's floral backgrounds page three
There are 10 tiled backgrounds on this page!

I_want's floral backgrounds page four
There are 10 tiled backgrounds on this page!

I_want's floral backgrounds page five
Page #5 is not available yet.

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