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Hello everyone... Welcome to I_want's Page!. This is another part of my life. My love of photography and the challenge of making graphics. This site for the most part will be dedicated to the creative side in me. I just have to find it! *LOL*

These borders are made 1250 wide so there will be no double bordering or such and will fit the majority of screen resolutions. Each page a set is on is no larger than 150 kbytes counting ALL the graphics and text! They will load fast on your site. As far as I know of, I do not have a complete set over 95 k's.

These graphics are for use by the public but only with my permission. Please email me and in your email leave me the URL that you wish to use these borders on. Sorry, but I am very picky about where my graphics go. Most are made with fully copyrighted photos I have taken and take considerable time to make. I also require a link back to me and there is a button per set that is for that. The address to link back to is:

The new Desktops I have started making are available in 600x800 resolution. There are also tiled backgrounds that will fit any screen resolution.

One last thing.... Some of the "Nature" sets are already available in Dutch and Norwegian as well as English.

If you would like to use these borders and have them set up like they are on this site, centered so they do not run into the border, please feel free to visit my "Basic HTML" site and click on "Spacer". This will not only give you instructions on how to use a spacer but you can also download it from there.

I can also do "custom sets" for you. If you have a favourite pic you would like made into a set just email me for the details.

1989 - 2003 vjr Photo's, Graphics and Text
All Rights Reserved
With the size of my websites I am finding it increasingly difficult each year to put the correct copyright year on each page. There are over 800 of them in all on my combined sites. Therefore, this statement (of copyrighted years) includes any and all pages that are marked with my copyright.

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