"How to put something on a Guestbook"

This will take a bit of explaining... but worth it. I get asked a lot from people that use editors how they go about putting a little something (a graphic, for example a little grahic to lead back to their own website) on someone's guestbook.

First, whatever graphic you wish to put on someone's guestbook MUST be uploaded to your own directory at your website. It cannot just appear out of thin air. So, take that graphic you wish to use and put it in your directory at your homepage like you were going to use it on your own site.

Next.... a bit of explaining about the code you are going to use. Putting something on someone's site requires two distinctly different pieces of html put together to form one. There are a lot of tags here but don't let it scare you. They will all make sense at the end of the page. On this page you are going to have to do a little bit of scrolling from side to side. I'm good, but not that good, so you will have to scroll across to see the entire html in a couple of places here. The tags you are going to see and use in this exercise are the following:

<a href> <img src> <center> <p> </a> </center> <height=> <width=> <border=> <alt=>

The first part looks like this..

<a href="http:....">

This first part is the part for your website address to go into. This makes it so when the graphic is clicked on it will take the person doing the clicking back to your website! We will use my address here at this site for an example....

<a href="http://iwant.on.ca/HTML/index.html">

As you can see the entire address is bracketed and don't forget the " at the end of the .html As stated before, there is an opening and a closing for everything and this includes all the little "'s you will see in html. Notice the first " is right after the =, the closing one goes right after the .html

The second part is for the graphic itself. It is the image (graphic) part and looks like this.

<img src="http:....">

This part must also have your website address in it but ALSO the name of the graphic you are using. BE SURE IT IS SPELLED RIGHT! Remember this stuff here is very case sensitive, (capitals must be capitals, small letter as small letters wherever needed) and everything MUST BE spelled correctly. We will use this address as an example again and when this exercise is completed you will see how it all comes out in the end. Here is how to do this section of the html......

<img src="http://iwant.on.ca/HTML/kindersite.jpg">

Now.... we are going to put it all together here. I have to reduce the font size though or you will be scrolling sideways forever.. *LOL*.... here is what it looks like all put together. Then I will explain the remaining tags that I have mentioned but haven't shown yet...

<a href="http://iwant.on.ca/HTML/index.html"><img src="http://iwant.on.ca/HTML/kindersite.jpg">

So, how is it going? Getting it slowly? Ok. Now I will explain the


thing. It is called an "anchor" All this kind of stuff, absolutely everything with an addy, must have an anchor and a closing anchor. In this instance the
<a href>
part is the opening "a". At the end of this little equasion you must add the


If you don't remember to add this little puppy, nothing will come out!!!!!!

Next.... concerning the


This will center the entire thing on the page for you. It will be more pleasing this way.

And finally, the paragraph tag. You put this between your message on the guestbook and the beginning of your html tags.

Below I will show you the entire thing put together and under it what it will look like in someone's guestbook, including a short ditzy message......... here we go!

Hi... You have a great site here. I liked your graphics, backgrounds and poetry. Come by my site soon and check it out. Don't forget to sign my guestbook! <p> <center> <a href="http://iwant.on.ca/HTML/index.html"> <img src="http://iwant.on.ca/HTML/kindersite.jpg" border="0" height="70" width="140" alt="Come visit I_want's Kinder, Gentler Site"></a> </center>

Before I put this out for you to see what it looks like when it comes up in a guestbook I would like to remind you that you should always use an alt, border, height and width tags too in here and they go in with the img src part of the html.

The border="0" is simply so your graphic (jpg or gif) does not have a funky border around it. When you put something on someone's page if you do not put this in your tags you will end up with a border around your graphic of whatever colour they are using on their page. This can look pretty ugly at times.

The height and width help it load faster. If you don't have these available don't worry about it. It is a guestbook and such is life.

The "alt". The alt is always important. What is the alt? Have you ever been to a page when the graphic isn't loaded yet but you see in the box what is there in text? Well, that is the "alt". Why is this important? Because, there are people out there that set their browsers to show no graphics so pages load much faster. This way, they can still see what the button is for cause it is typed in there!!!!! You cannot blame them for this because some people out there have their pages so full of java and graphic heavy that I've seen pages take over 5 minutes to load if I sit there and allow it. Music will do this too if not properly done. So, always use the alt!

Ready to see what it all looks like in the end? Here you go....

Hi... You have a great site here. I liked your graphics and backgrounds and poetry. Come by my site soon and check it out. Don't forget to sign my guestbook!

Visit I_want's Kinder, Gentler Site

I left a little message and then put in the graphic I made for my kinder, gentler site and now if you click on that graphic it will take you there!.

That is about it... it looked scary at first didn't it? Never let html scare you. Keep in mind you will make mistakes but keep trying and soon enough you will remember the correct ones while you are typing them.

You may wish to try this out on your "trial page" a few times with a graphic you have uploaded into your directory. When you get it correct.... copy and paste it into notepad or whatever and save it to a file where you can find it. Just the "html" part mind you. A message in a guestbook should ALWAYS be personal and never duplicated!

To print this page out go to the top of your browser and click on "file" then a menu will drop down and click on "print". Don't forget to turn your printer on!

To send this to a friend on ICQ simply click on their name on your ICQ list and when the window comes up click on "URL". A new window will come up with this URL already printed in it for you, just click "send". (If you wish to send this more than one person, click on "More" then "Multiples", then put a check in each little window you wish to send this to before clicking 'send'.) If you are not on ICQ then simply click on the pretty little "mail to" button below and it will allow you to email the page.

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