<img src="><a href=">

What are these???? This page will explain it for you.

Lets start with the image tag. We will keep it very simple and basic. There are a few things you can do with it but it is best to keep it to the basics. Lets not forget, not everyone has the latest version of browsers and in so, can't view a lot of the fancier things you can do with some tags. Use the old *K*I*S*S* principal here. Here we go.....

<img src=">

This is for applying an image to your website. Img meaning "image" and src meaning "source for image (the URL, or more so, where the image is stored in your directory).

Below I will show you how to put a simple image on your own website. This is not linked to anything. It is only used when you want to put an image on your own site. For instance a photo you wish to put up, could be an interesting pic you've taken you would like to show or family or friend, etc. But it is strictly for your site only with no link to anywhere. I will do it using this addy as an example. You would substitute your addy for mine and your image for the one I have used. Here goes......

<img src="http://iwant.on.ca/HTML/ChinchillaPic.jpg" border="0" height="125" width="189" alt="My Chinchilla - size 10 kb"></a>

and when done, this is how it will look on your page....

My Chinchilla - size 10 kb

Now... look above at the example of the html I used to put this pic on here and I will break it down for you..

First you have the bracket which looks like this < (a must), then the img src which is the tag..... then the =. Followed by your URL and the image name. In simple terms it is saying the address the image is drawn from. Your directory! Any URL must start with "http:// (in html anyway, you may leave this part off if you are using a browser but never in html when a full address is required).

Of course... obviously the next thing you see there is the address of your site. Then comes the name of the image (what your picture is called) and then the format (.jpg or .gif) you are using. You then add the border, height of the image, width of the image, and don't forget the alt!

Your last tag is the closing anchor because the opening one was in the "a href" part. This is the



The next part of this.. :-) The "a href" part.. ready?

When you wish to add a link to an image this is when you use this html also along with it. In other words, if you wish to put a picture on a page and you want your visitors to click on it and for that click to take them somewhere else, you use this. It goes first, before the img src html I showed you above. Here we go.....

<a href="http://iwant.on.ca/HTML/index.html"> <img src="http://iwant.on.ca/HTML/ChinchillaPic.jpg" border="0" height="125" width="189" alt="My Chinchilla - 10 kb"></a>

Do you see what I have done? I have put the a href part ahead of the image part. The a href part is where you want your guest to be taken to when they click on the image. Here is an example below of what it will look and act like on your site when done. Go ahead, click on it. It will bring up a new browser for you so don't worry about losing this page. You can learn how to make things pop up in a new browser by going to the "Targets" section in the main directory.

My Chinchilla - 10 kb


One more little thing. For images it isn't always necessary to put the entire address in.. I am speaking of the img src part of it. The example above works just as well when typed as the following.....

<a href="http://iwant.on.ca/HTML/index.html"> <img src="ChinchillaPic.jpg" border="0" height="125" width="189" alt="My Chinchilla - 10 kb"></a>

This is the end of this lesson....

To print this page out go to the top of your browser and click on "file" then a menu will drop down and click on "print". Don't forget to turn your printer on!

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