"Simple Tags"

On this page you will find some very basic and simple formatting tags to work with. Be aware, that for every opening tag there is a closing tag and never forget it! *LOL* You will run into trouble for sure that way. You can use either capital letters or small letters for tags. Just don't use both. Do not for instance type "Center" type it either "CENTER" OR "center". I prefer myself to stick to the small letters simply because is saves continually going back and forth to caps. Ok... onto the simple ones..

To make text BOLD as I have for this page here is the tag to use. You put this tag at the beginning of the sentence or word you want in bold.


So, if you check the source of this page you will find that it has the


tag at the beginning of my text and you will find the


tag at the end of it.

Want to know how to center something? It is really rather simple. Same as before, where there is an opening tag there must always be a closing tag. Use this at the beginning of whatever you want centered;


The line or paragraph you use will now be centered. Be sure to put the closing tag of



To make your text italicized (fancy, slanted) you do this.....


The text will now show like this if you use it......
The cow jumped over the moon.
Again, be sure to use the closing tag of


after the last word you wish done like this.

To start a new paragraph on your page you do the following. Paragraphs are very important on a website. They break it up and make it much easier to read.....


The new paragraph will be started. Be sure to put the closing tag of


. Here is a sample..
This is my first paragraph.
It is very small.
I used it just for an example.

Here is my second paragraph.
It is even smaller.

Actually, although you should always have a closing tag it is not necessary with the paragraph tag. Browsers recognize the paragraph tag.

Now.... I know what you want to know next. You want to know how I got those small lines in the sample paragraphs above to stop where they did and to start again on the next line right? Another very easy one.... This one is called the "break" tag and it is used to put the next sentence on the next line. It is done like this......

Hickory Dickory Dock.<br> The mouse ran up the clock.<br> The clock struck one.<br> The mouse ran down.<br> Hickory Dickory Dock.<br>

At the end of every sentence there is the tag



The line.... The line you see here, between each article. This is very easy to do also. After you have finished a paragraph or whatever and want it divided with a line between it and the next thing you simply type.....


I suggest you put it like this actually....


This will put a space above and one below the line for you.

That is it for the simple basic tags.....

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