Well.... here we go. A semi-tough one but just read the instructions and I'll try to keep it as simple as possible.

You may be asking why the border on this page? The answer is to show you what I mean by a "SPACER". See how the text is nicely centered? How it doesn't run into the border on the side?

Listen.... why use a nice border when you have your text running right on into it and spoiling the look of it? It makes no sense. The "SPACER" is the thing you need to correct the problem. It involves tables but not tough ones and can be copied and pasted. You have to do very little adjusting also.

Ok... you ready? I want you to find a nice border somewhere (not this one, it is my own personal border made by me) and try this a few times on your "trial" page I spoke of earlier. Here we go....

Oooops... At the end of this explanation, please save the spacer provided and upload to your file-manager of your site. If you are working in a sub-directory, make sure you have placed a copy there too!

Here the code you must write after your background code is entered but before any text etc., is added to the page. So, it goes right after you bgcolor, text color, etc. and before your body tags. (the text on your page)


Now.... that is what you copy and paste.. now I'll explain the parts you really need to know.. :-)

Start with the

<IMG SRC="trans.gif" HEIGHT=5 WIDTH=180> part.

This is really the only part you need concern yourself with other than the closing code.

Of course, the IMG SRC "trans.gif" is the spacer gif that you will need to move your text over on the page so it doesn't run into your border.

Now... Notice the WIDTH=180??? OK.. That is the thing you will have to fidget with a bit. This border is wide so it is set on this page as 180. Check it out when you are doing yours. If it is a thin border you are using you may only have to have it at 150 or 160. You will just have to play with the # a bit until you see your text in the space beside the border instead of running into it.

THIS IS THE NEXT IMPORTANT PART!!!!! When you have finished putting all your text on the page (the guts of the page), you need to place the following end of the tables code at the bottom of the page. Right before your closing html and closing body tags. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!!! It looks like this:


Pretty simple. Just 3 things.


Here is the 'SPACER' gif I told you you need to download. Simply right click on it and save it to your own files then upload it into your directory from there. REMEMBER.... upload it to your own directory and if you are using subdirectories upload it there also if needed in with those files. Personally, I suggest you never put an html file in a subdirectory, just the jpg's or gif's and such. Anyway, here is the gif. I am going to leave a border on it because it is INVISIBLE! Yup... so when you download it and go to your file to see what it looks like.... SURPRISE!!!! you won't see anything... :-) it is transparent. It is there though, don't worry. Here it is....

To do that right-click in the little square above. It will stretch to the size that you make it in your code.

There... that lesson wasn't as painful as it seemed it would be. As I said above, find yourself a nice border to try it with on your "trial" page. You can either go to my border site and write and ask permission to use one, (I'm really picky where they go and they are all copyrighted so when you email me a request be sure to also send me the URL you wish to use it on) or go to a search engine and do a search on borders and backgrounds. Always follow up if the person requires a link or for you to email them. These things take a lot of time and effort to make and a little acknowledgement goes a long way for us that do them.

One last little thing... if you don't want to be bothered centering your gif's on the page, (like my gifs for my other pages and such), simply at the top of the page right where you start your text put.....

<p align=center>

Then at the bottom of your page... close it!!!! Put a


It goes right before the closing codes for the tables and your closing html and body tags.

NOTE: For those of you who do use editors, to copy and paste HTML in to some of them, you will have to open the page in Notepad, and paste the HTML in that way, then go back into your editor and check it.

To send this to a friend on ICQ simply click on their name on your ICQ list and when the window comes up click on "URL". A new window will come up with this URL already printed in it for you, just click "send". (If you wish to send this more than one person, click on "More" then "Multiples", then put a check in each little window you wish to send this to before clicking 'send'.) If you are not on ICQ then simply click on the pretty little "mail to" button below and it will allow you to email the page.

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