Targets...... What is a "target"? Targets get you around a page. Have you ever been to a site and at the bottom of the page it says "top" and you click it and it takes you to the top of the page? Well that is a "target". Or, like I have used, one that will make a new browser come up instead of changing the page you are on. And below I will tell you how to do them. This one is for you Suzy....

The tags you will be dealing with are the following......

<a name=> <a href=#box> </a> <center> </center>

That is it.... five simple tags... now the question is "where the heck do I put them"? The answer to that is just about as easy.

Lets start with the "a name" tag. This little guy goes right where you want to end up when you click on the other guy! If you wish to click to be able to get back to the top of the page then you put the "a name" tag at the top of the page. Now.... here is the trick..... you have to literally name it.

Yes.... I said name it.. for instance, if I wanted just a simple button at the bottom that will take me to the top I would name it "top". At the top of my page in the html right about where I want the page to jump back to I would put.......

<a name=top>

That is all there is to it! No "'s (quotation marks), nothing else.

Now you need the matching html code for it for the bottom. This is where you use the "a href" one. At the bottom of the page I would have.....

<a href="#top">

This one is a bit different.... not only is it "a href" but it does have the "'s (quotation marks) in it as well as a # sign. Do not forget these!

Want to try it????? Look below....

"Return to Top"

How did those words get in there? How did it get centered on the page? Easy... take a look.....

<a href="#top">"Return to Top"</a></center>

Did you notice something? Yes indeed, there is that little "tear your hair out wondering what went wrong when you forget it"


You really need to pay attention to that little guy. Any time you have an "a" in there, as in the "a href" you need him after it to close it off or it just will not work.

So this part consists of three small sections really.... Listed here...

<a href="#top"> "Return to Top" </a>

If you wish this centered on a page that is when the "center" tags come in. Opening one before all this.. and the closing one afterwards. Like this.....

<center><a href="#top">"Return to Top"</a></center>

That is it! You are finished. Try this on your "trial" page in your own website directory... :-)

If you would like to see an example of this in work in many places on a page go to:

"Special Occasions, Special Verses"

"A Different Kind Of Target"

This one is to make a link clicked on pop up in a new browser. It is an easy one too. The tags you will be using are the same as above but with one addition....


This particular tag goes directly after the .html" in the addy of a link. The > goes after it instead of the .html" Here is an example.

<a href="http://www.iwant.on.ca/Purple/SpecOccasion1.html" target="_blank"> "Special Occasions, Special Verses"</a>

In this example the words "Special Occasions, Special Verses" will be highlighted as the clickable link.

To see this all in one line so you can actually see how it works simply look below here and scroll all the way to the right to see the entire thing.

<a href="http://www.iwant.on.ca/Purple/SpecOccasion1.html" target="_blank"> "Special Occasions, Special Verses"</a>

Now... here is how it will look on your site.... then click it and you will see how it works too..... Btw, I now am using the "center" tags so it centers on the page nicely.

"Special Occasions, Special Verses"

That is it... that is how to make another browser come up instead of changing your page on you.

Try these both on your trial page.

To print this page out go to the top of your browser and click on "file" then a menu will drop down and click on "print". Don't forget to turn your printer on!

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