"Uploading an image from your hard drive"

On this page you will learn how to upload an image from your hard drive.... just follow the instructions below. This is if you use the upload in a domain's directory and do not ftp. So, picture yourself in your geo/tripod/whatever directory and you are about to use their upload. You will see a series of slots for the names of your jpg, gif, or wav files, and beside each one there is a "browse" button. (the number of uploads at one time varies with each domain but it will tell you there how many you may do at once)

1. If you have an image on your hard drive that you would like to put on your website, click on the browse button gif - size 2kb button.

2. A window will open up for you to choose a file. (see pic below) If you keep a folder for your jpg's or gif's in your c:/drive open it there at the top of the window.
- In the picture below it says "desktop" in the slot at the top and you will notice an arrow to the right of it. You would click on that arrow and it will show c:/drive in the choices, click once, this will highlight it and it will open your c:/drive showing your folders.
- You then find the folder you want, click on it once to highlight it, and double click on it to open it.
The window you will do all this from should look something like this:

choosefile.gif - size 9 kb

3. Find the file you want to upload, click on it to highlight it. You will notice that the name of it will go directly into the slot below that says "filename" and click on open button gif - size 2 kb.

4. If you wish to upload only one file you are finished all but the last step. If you wish to do more than one file you follow the same procedure as above but if it is still in the same file folder you will not have to bring up the folder again, it will remain. You will just have to find the correct jpg, gif, wav, or whatever you want uploaded then follow step #3 again.

5. To upload them, click on the startupload button gif - size 2 kb button.

The rest will take care of itself and when it is finished you should be notified somewhere on the upcoming page that your files have been uploaded successfully. :-)

To print this page out go to the top of your browser and click on "file" then a menu will drop down and click on "print". Don't forget to turn your printer on!

To send this to a friend on ICQ simply click on their name on your ICQ list and when the window comes up click on "URL". A new window will come up with this URL already printed in it for you, just click "send". (If you wish to send this more than one person, click on "More" then "Multiples", then put a check in each little window you wish to send this to before clicking 'send'.) If you are not on ICQ then simply click on the pretty little "mail to" button below and it will allow you to email the page.

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