"You Know You Are Having A Bad Day When..."

~ Your horn sticks on the freeway behind 32 Hell's Angels.

~ You've been at work 3 hours before you notice that
your zipper is open.

~ Your twin sister forgets your birthday.

~ Your birthday cake collapses from the weight of the

~ You have to sit down to brush your teeth in the morning.

~ Everyone avoids you the morning after the company
office party.

~ Your income tax refund check bounces.

~ It costs more to fill up your car than it did to buy it.

~ The bird singing outside your window is a vulture.

~ You wake up and your braces are stuck together.

~ Your blind date turns out to be your ex-wife/husband.

~ You put both contacts in the same eye.

~ Your mother approves of the girl/guy you are dating.

~ Your doctor tells you that you're allergic to chocolate.

~ You have to borrow from your Visa card to pay your

~ Nothing you own is actually paid for.

~ Everyone loves your driver's license picture.

~ The health inspector condemns your office coffee maker.

~ You invite the peeping Tom/Thomasina in . . . and they
say no.

~ The Gypsy fortune teller offers to refund your money.

~ People think that you're 40 and you're only 35.

~ You call your Mom and tell her that you'd like to eat
out tonight and when you get home, there's a sandwich
on the front porch.

~ You start to put on the clothes that you wore home
from the party last night . . . and there aren't any.

author unknown

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