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Updated May 26th, 2003 - see notes below
newly added pages will be the first ones listed per catagory.

I have tried to catagorize these for you to the best of my ability but some are difficult to put in certain sections. My suggestion is to look where you think something is and if it isn't there, try another catagory. An example of this is one could go into 'encouraging words' but be sent to a very dear friend so it could be found in either catagory. The same can be said for something under 'poems/misc' could very well be something you would send to a 'friend'.

So, please take a bit of time to look around, hopefully this will make finding what you want a bit easier due to the amount of these sendables on my site. There are a few different directories here with over 165 pages. I hope I haven't missed listing any.

Any sendables with an * have an applet on them.

As well, in the Music/Lyric section most have the music, lyrics and an applet. Ones without music or applets will state it.


Friendship Pages


Life/Encouraging Words/Lessons in Life:


Poems & Misc.:






For A Special Person:







Updated May 26th, 2003 with:
4 new 'love/emotions pages
2 new 'encouraging words/lifes lessons pages



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