Have You Ever

Have you ever noticed the way dew glistens like
Sparkling crystal in the early morning light on the delicate,
almost invisible filaments of a spider's web?

Or traced the lines of the gloriously decorated web
And marveled at the ingenuity of the little creature that spun
Such a strong and balanced wonder in the night?

Have you ever stood and watched the sky revolve to
Deepening purples, after passionate pinks and golden hues
Of orange lit it as a backdrop to the twilight's coming?

Or watched the sun's rising on a stunning new day
With the promises of rainbows of color, new sights and sounds
That bring your heart joyously into the morning?

Have you ever stopped and looked into the ever-changing
World of the tiny creatures that live beneath our feet and eyes,
Endlessly working to survive and flourish in their cycles?

Have you ever stood upon the mountain-top and
Looked into the deep, soft, abyss of blue above, that graces
Us with all we could dream for, if we only look?

Or stood on an undulating shore of glimmering ocean
Watching as a giant majestic mother sea turtle draws herself
From the liquid element to give new life to her young?

Never stop living in a world of wonder, embracing beauty as
It comes to help your Spirit endure mortality. Take the time needed
And extend it to encompass all the world has to give.

This is my advice to you, child


Written by T. Becker 1998

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