I Am Responsible

The bottom line is that I am responsible for my own
well-being, my own happiness. The choices and decisions I make
regarding my life directly influence the quality of my days.

There is no provision for blaming others in our lives. Who we are is a
composite of the actions, attitudes, choices, decisions we've made
up to now. For many of us, predicaments may have resulted from
our decisions to not act when the opportunity arose. But
these were decisions, no less, and we must take responsibility for making them.

We need not feel utterly powerless and helpless about the events of
our lives. True, we cannot control others, and we cannot curb the
momentum of a situation, but we can choose our own responses to both;
these choices will heighten our sense of self and well
being and may well positively influence the quality of the day.

I will accept responsibility for my actions, but not for the outcome
of a situation; that is all that's requested of me. It is one of
the assignments of life, and homework is forthcoming.

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