Love - My Saviour

I was just a lonely little boy,
in a cruel and unforgiving place.
where sadness and iscolation,
were the only things upon my face.

I was just a lonely little boy,
with dreams of truth and honesty,
that never came any nearer,
they just stayed well away from me.

I was just a lonely little boy,
who went down all the wrong paths in life,
who wished for slight happiness,
to replace all of the anger and strife.

I was just a lonely little boy,
In a dark, dark and cruel world,
but all these feelings of despair changed,
in the moment that I met my girl.

I was just a lonely little boy,
with a life no-one deserves to have,
but all seemed bright and happy
knowing id found love.

I am no longer just a lonely little boy,
and im doing what I can.
I found a love that killed the loneliness,
and made me become a man.

author: Jonathan Harrop
feel free to drop him an email. .....

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Johnathan Harrop

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