My Wishes For You

Warmth on a cold day, sunshine on a grey day, and laughter every day.

Smiles on your lips, rainbows in your sky, and a gleam in your eye.

I wish you comfort when you need it, and warmth in your heart.

Confidence and faith so you can believe in yourself.

I wish you quiet times
and special moments with the one you love.

I wish you struggless decisions
and the knowledge that you made the right ones.

I wish you whispered words
That caress your heart and reach your soul.

I wish you shadow puppets on a whistful night
and laughter till your heart fills and your eyes tear.

I wish you stolen moments that you cherish forever and make you smile even when you think you can't
a hand to hold, arms to hold you.

I wish you courage to see you through the darkest night
and pride for what you have accomplished in life and who you are.

I wish you sunsets to behold and amaze, and someone to share them with
and beauty in what you see around you.

I wish you an angel on one shoulder and the sense of me at the other
so you know you are always watched over even when I'm not there.

I wish you friends you can always count on
and safe and comforting love from them and family.

I wish you fulfillment and abundant joy
and contentment in life.

I wish these all for you
and more that I can't express.

I wish you peace, in mind, soul and life
and most of all, and above all, I wish you happiness.....


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