Each of us sees perfection differently,

Such as the rose above.

Perfection comes in many guises....

It's a robin singing in the Spring.

It's an acorn bringing forth a mighty oak.

It's a sea of blooming wildflowers.

It's a mustard field in glorious, radiant yellow bloom.

It's a smile on a child's face.

It's the first time you feel a baby kick.

It's the birth of a child.

It's a sudden cool breeze on a hot summers eve.

It's music that makes your heart sing.

It's the smell of fresh bread baking.

It's a forest in a rage of colour in mid-Fall.

It's a cold winter's night in front of a fireplace.

It's an elderly couple still walking hand in hand.

It's a crimson sunset.

It's cuddling.

It's being in love.

It's you.


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