This Way

Never been in love before,
At least not up until now.
I seemed to have found the one I adore,
But how do I know itís for sure?

Iíve never been in love, so how can I know?
Is it supposed to be this way? Whatís wrong or right?
If I donít know how itís supposed to go,
Then how am I supposed to feel? Am I supposed to cry?

Iím afraid it wonít workout.
I canít see the signs of working, or the signs of not.
What am I supposed to do? Trust what people say
And not trust my gut, which is worrying me this way?

Iíve never had such peace, yet so much frustration.
Am I doing anything right? Am I giving enough?
Taking enough? Am I being used or played?
How can I know, Iíve never been in love, not this way.

I donít know what to do!
This is killing me piece by piece.
My emotions canít stay still; I want them to be contained!
But how can they? Iíve never been this way.

Never been so happy, so sad, so hurt and confused.
My lifeís taking me on an emotional roller-coaster ride,
And not letting me get off, just staying on day after day.
Telling me to not dare move. Why do I have to stay this way?

Iíll do what I can, to trust my feelings with othersí.
Iíll try my best, to be the best girlfriend, and love one can have.
As of right now, I believe Iím in love with you.
For now, anyway "Who knows if this way is true?

author: Nicole Riggan
feel free to drop her an email. .....

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© Poem - Nicole Riggan

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