True Love


One day when my life had lost its meaning
And my heart was full of pain
I had tears in my eyes
As I walked down memory lane.

I looked up when a tender touch
Burnt my heart with its comfort so pure
My eyes met yours with such intensity
Which I could no longer endure

The day you came into my life
I forgot my remorseful yore
You filled me with such happiness
That I could take no more

You gave me what I yearned for
To say the very least
You taught me love is eternal
So don't let it cease

If you desert me one fine day
The pain in this heart never may
Replace itself with the joy you gave
Before you leave me without a wave.

For all the times to come
May you prosper everyday
If there is trust and devotion,
Our love will never decay.

author: Namita
feel free to drop her an email. .....

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Poem - Namita

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