Welcome to I_want's KIDS STUFF section!

Welcome to my Kid Stuff site.

This is just a new section and it's basically links and a few games. Places where you and or your kids can go and have a blast one way or another. Things to do, games, educational, etc. Even things to get your kids outdoors! The links are adding up already so I've divided them into 3 pages below. Letters A-H, letters I-P, and letters Q-Z. These pages will have a link and a short description beside it to give you some idea of what is there to see/do.

Updated January 27th, 2005 - Checked all links and games to be sure they were working and added a link as well to River Bend Nature Center.

A note to parents.. I've tried to weed out the places that want money for one reason or another but there are still a few here that request donations. It will say on the description if this is the case. Also, if I find 'flash' pages it's mentioned too. Although I did check out these sites, I couldn't possibly go over each and every page so it is up to you, as a parent, to also check these out before allowing your children to participate there. I also tried to weed out places that had chats.

Sites to check out..
see below for games to play on my site.

"Letters A - H"
"Letters I - P"
"Letters Q - Z"


"Car Race Game"
* A
* A
"Guess My Number"
"Hangman Game"
"How old are you? game"
"Test Your Reflexes"
"Write your own story"
"Bridge Game"
* A
"Tic Tac Toe Game"
"Bap !"
* A
"Connect 4"
* A
"Drop Game"
* A
"Graffiti Wall"
* A
* A
* A
"for future game"

A = This game is an Applet
* compliments of Javafile.com
bridge game compliments of Dick Christoph
hangman, tictactoe, storyteller, reflex tester, age finder & guess my number are compliments of wsabstract.com
breakout compliments of javaboutique.internet.com
canadian content = Canadian content

Updates for January 27th, 2005
all links checked and added a link to River Bend Nature Center.

Graphics & Photo by Vickie

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