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Below are the names and URL's (letters A through to H) of some great sites on the net for kids and adults alike, and a short description of their site. Click on the name to reach their site.
URL - link Short Description
4 kids
Catagories here include: Entertainment, reading, science, social studies, study resources and a load more. This is a huge site with lots to do.
AHA jokes
Kids jokes: Although these jokes are often funny for people of all ages, kids and adults alike, they are typically geared toward children and young adults. By this, they mean that they have a shortness and simpleness about them that allow an individual at virtually any age to get a good laugh. *note to parents* This site has a newsletter.
Very well done flash entry. There's a clubhouse, create pages, arcade, musicmania, storyville, braintrain, etc. *note* there is a mall so parents should check this out first. There are also pop ups on this page.
Amazing kids
The only thing I don't like about this site is they do ask for donations so be aware of that fact. They do have some great stuff there though including instructions for kids on how to make animations, etc..
Art - kids rule!
More fun stuff to do. Paint online, photograph, spirograph, magic... All about art and links and such.
Berits best
New Sites. Just For Fun. Holidays Seasons. Creatures Great and Small. Serious Stuff. Kids on the Net. Safe Surfing. Interactive stuff.
Games, puzzles, on-line coloring books, bird brain jokes. Things for kids to see and do. some interactive.
Book Adventure is a FREE reading motivation program for children in grades K-8. Children create their own book lists from over 6,000 recommended titles, take multiple choice quizzes on the books they've read offline, and earn points and prizes for their literary successes. *note* I do believe new users here must register.
This is an on-going list of sites that offer information for and about kids. Among other things, it includes a lot of stuff for them to play with, information for adults, and info about schools and education. The goal of this page is to collect, in one place, a body of information that people can use either to let kids play with stuff on the Internet, or to find the things they need for their work related to the care and education of children.
CBC Canada
canadian content
again.. just what the name implies. CBC 4 kids. News & stories, contests, games, science experiments, endangered animals, inventions, space, stories, poems, music, jokes, pets, kids club, etc.
Clipart for kids
This site is put together by a kid. warning.. it also asks for donations to help support it. There are some pretty cool things here you may want to check out like applications for making your own crossword puzzles and other things!
Over 100 pictures to choose from to colour. Contests and a new picture every week.
Cool Math
Great educational and fun site. Has math games, brain benders, jigsaw puzzles, geometry, fraction lessons, fractals, cool things, coloring book, calculate stuff, lemonade stand, eventhings for ages 3-5 plus lots more. *note - parents - your kids can purchase t-shirts and such here, be sure you check it out first*
Cool Science
Neat! The Howard Hughes Medical Institute invites curious kids to explore biology on screen, off screen and in between! Dive into a miniature world - without a microscope! and lots more.
Another good one for hands on and time with your kids. This is a tv show, I've never heard of it but their website is loaded with hands on crafts and projects to do.
Present your point of view on a featured topic, write a review of a CD or computer game, share your creative writing, and try math teasers. This site provides a forum for your writing and encourages you to explore ideas in new ways. From the National Center for Educational Statistics. (main page takes a few to load - not long)
Internet Safety Tips for kids. A must read for kids and adults alike. There are some very good hints and tips here as well as a few other links to internet safety websites. After you've got your family on board with these pointers on safety and privacy, check out some of the recommended sites at the bottom of the page for kid-friendly surfing.
I like what I saw of this site. Done by a mom of two small kids. Check it out. There is some advertising on this site but not much and a small portion of religious content. When you click off this site there is a pop up ad.
same place as terraweb, different section. This one on earthquakes. Loaded with stuff for everyone.
Designed with kids in mind. They offer Eggcrafts, Eggletts, Eggimals, Eggllaneous, Eggsploration, Eggboy's Homeschool, Egggames and lots of other fun and neat activities for kids. For the young kids and older ones as well. *note* there are pop ups on this site due to the free server it is on but well worth checking out.
Enchanted learning - Dictionary
Great dictionary site including a 'picture dictionary' as well. 1,905 illustrated dictionary entries. This is available in several different languages as well.
Environmental stuff put out by the Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources. An electronic magazine for kids in grades 4 - 8. Lots to do and learn as well.
Etch-A-Sketch online
Just what it says, Etch-A-Sketch online.
Fact Monster
is the largest free reference site just for kids! Get homework help and find cool stuff, games, quizzes, sports, people, science, math, etc.!
Farmer's Almanac
This is the Farmer's Almanac online. Full of information some of which kids may find interesting.
Fema for kids
Exactly what it says. U.S. gov't Fema office, their 'just for kids' section.
Franklin Institute
Hotlists of kids sites. This page is put out by the Franklin Institute.
Gotta like the name of this one. It's for teachers/parents and kids alike. Lots of stuff to do including games, quizzes.
Games Kids Play
Wow! school yard, playground games! verses for jump-rope rhymes (40 of them!), you name it, it's here! Hey.. even red light/green light! :-) From what I can see this site is terrific and can also get your kids outdoors! (They do have a bookstore on this site)
Giggle Poetry
Poetry isn't just for English class! Let Giggle Poetry show you how to have fun with language. Kids will especially enjoy this site's lighthearted approach to poetry. Try your hand at some poetry games in the Poetry Fun section and then send in samples of your own compositions for the latest poetry contest. For inspiration, check out the interviews with published poets and enjoy the latest Poem of the Week. (this site also has a 'bookstore')
Greece for Kids
cool site made by an 8 year old Greek girl. All about Greece.
Hand Speak
This is a Visual Language dictionary online guide to American Sign Language. Deaf and hearing people alike will find this a useful resource for improving your communication with the hearing-impaired community. In addition to their detailed sign language dictionary, the site also houses information about topics such as researchers who are signing with animals, baby signing, advice for owners with deaf pets, and useful tips for firefighters and scuba divers who use sign language in the workplace. This is a great 'second language' for kids to learn.
Halifax Heraldcanadian content
A webpage put out by the Halifax Herald newspaper. Full of links to kids activies including games, science & history, stories, math, favourite characters, television, etc.

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