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Below are the names and URL's (letters I through to P) of some great sites on the net for kids and adults alike, and a short description of their site. Click on the name to reach their site.
URL - link Short Description
International Childrens
Digital Library
With so many battles being fought over copyright, and with so many corporations fighting to keep their intellectual property off the Net and out of the public domain, it's nice to know there's a place where a kid can read online. Even better, it's free.
Interactive stories
This site is full of interactive stories for kids to participate in. There are some books for sale here as well.
Internet Public Library
This site is by the University of Michigan and includes: Culture quest, learning html, Orca search, Poison prevention, Science fair, Stately knowledge, Story hour, etc.
Jollytime popcorn site
This is definately a commercial site for Jollytime popcorn but they do have some fun recipes and such for kids.
Almost 2000 kids' song lyrics, fun & games, cards, kids can share thier songs/stories/jokes & pics. *note - parents!* There is an online store here and a couple of things you may want to check out first before your kid signs up.
I like this site! Includes kids game, stories stuff to make and do, how the internet works, learn about the solar system. For ages 4 to 9. This site is flash enabled. And whoever does it for them does a sensational job. Fast loading and great graphics. Kept me amused! lol Another thing I like about this site is if you don't have flash and don't want to download it, there are buttons for regular viewing as well :-)
Kids Discovery.com
cool site. Discovery.com on the net. Has instructions on how to make suntan tattoo's! lol (using a sunscreen of course). Has fun & games, live cams, quizzes, space adventures and Yucky stuff! Personally, I loved the 'yukky stuff' section! lol Be a Detective. Join the agency and solve problems. Adventures! Over 60 adventures to keep you busy this summer.
Kids Discovery Yukky stuff
same as above but a direct link to the "Yukky stuff!". :-) You'll need the flash player. No plug-in required.
Kids Farm
Kids Farm is about animals and people that live and work on a ranch in Colorado. It is a place for young children to learn about farm and wild animals, animal sounds, what grows, farm equipment and a wildlife rehab center. They also have spelling, puzzles, horses, cows, chickens, sheep, goats, elk, kids rodeo, and guest pets. warning.. This site also asks for donations and does sell a cd. but don't let that stop you from exploring this site, it's worth it.
McAfee for kids
This is kind of a kids/adult site by McAfee the virus software maker. It is a very interesting site. Teaches kids guidelines on the net and parents as well. It's well worth the time to view. Mostly all about safety on the net!
Nasa for kids
another one that is just what it says.. NASA for kids!! If your kid likes science or space this is the place for them to go.
National Geographic for kids
ahhhhhh National Geographic for Kids!! very, very cool. This site has a small pop up window when you first open it looking for magazine subscribers to their own magazine. Just click it off. lol
National Wildlife Federation
National Wildlife Federation website. This takes a bit of time to load but looks like it's packed with things for kids including games, tours, outdoor stuff and a readers corner!
Neopets. A Virtual Pet Site on the Internet. *note* this place has a newsletter and I have somehow gotten on this places list although I didn't request it. It was difficult to have myself removed but, in all fairness I hear this is a great site*
site by Nestle includes crafts & activities, learning fun, cooking & baking, etc.
For Kids!
Nick jr
This site has a lot of different activities on it. Too many to list but be aware there are cd's you can purchase as well. There's also a section for parents for a newsletter, etc.
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Kids Pages, games, music, and other good stuff.
hoagies kids
hmm here's a different one.. a site for 'gifted children & teens'. There are some things for sale on this site but it looks interesting just the same. Lots to do.
huge site.. includes links to museums, science, sports, fun & games, zoo's and Aquariums, cities & countries, vacation time, gov't & politics, education all around the world and other cook kids sites!
lots to explore. Stories, rhymes and tales, java jukebox, etc.
Online books
Great site as far as I'm concerned. Reading wonderful children's books online and some with slide shows too. Featuring the stories of Beatrix Potter in text, RealAudio, streaming media, ... Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll complete and unabridged in RealAudio.
Ontario Science Centre
canadian content
Ontario Science Centre.. a wonderful place to see and if you are near to participate at! You can spend hours on end at this place, doing all sorts of hands-on experiments and still not come close to seeing and doing everything. I loved this place as a kid and even as an adult.
Pauly's playhouse
Many activities such as cartoons, games, links, sounds, etc. *note - parents* In the links are shopping and travel for mom & dad, you may wish to check this out first*
Paw Island
Activity page, games, colouring page, giggletoons and more. Cute 'flash' opening.
PBS Kids
just what the name implies.. PBS online. There are also things to do on this site as well for kids but includes sesame street, dragon tales, clifford, mister rogers and much, much more.

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