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Below are the names and URL's (letters Q through to Z) of some great sites on the net for kids and adults alike, and a short description of their site. Click on the name to reach their site.
URL - link Short Description
yup! recipes for kids! Personally, I love kids in my kitchen. It's fun for them, teaches them things and the outcome is usually delicious! :-)
River Bend Nature Centre Online -
2004 Bird Banding Season
This is a terrific and most interesting website run by a Nature Centre. The information and photos are great.
I love this site. Although it is by a book company I have always been a great lover of scholastic books and am willing to put up with a little advertising to purchase books. Their main pages are in flash but very well done, and load fast. The 'kids fun online' section has a great main page and is easy to read and navigate with lots to do and see. There's a small pop up window with this site.
Skinnamarink !
canadian content
oh, this is sooo perfect.. Sharon, Lois and Bram online!! Skinnamrinkydink.. one of my personal favourite songs.. :-)
For the scientist in all of us.. for kids and adults check this one out. Explore the nervous system. Experiments and activities for kids to try for their senses and such. It's a pretty good site and worth exploring. There are teacher activities there as well. Intended for elementary and secondary school students and teachers who are interested in learning more about the nervous system and brain.
Space Kids
Photos, movies, games, ask the experts, solar system, news, etc. Lots to do.. including daily quiz, skywatch (watch the sky at night), visit our solar system, or our galactic neighbours.
canadian content
This Web Site contains word problems for students and teachers. The problems are classified into grade levels from Grade 5 to Grade 12. This is not a test, but a set of carefully selected problems which can help you improve your problem solving skills -if you try to carefully think about how you would solve each problem, and once you have found the solution, you make sure that you understand all parts of the solution. You can try any problem you like and if the problem is a little difficult you can get helpful hints by following the hints link. This is put out by a Cdn University.
Street Play!
For kids of all sizes. This site has a list of street games kids can play, and the rules and how to play them. Also photos, stories, etc.
check out satellite images of Earth taken from outer space! 3D pics and how to make your own 3D glasses and landscape! Lots of good stuff for kids. They even have a 'grown-ups' version. :-) This is a U.S. gov't page.
Theme pages
canadian content
for Elementary students and teachers. over 150 themes organized under topics. This site is put up by a Gander, Newfoundland teacher.
?Colonial Kids? is an exploration of colonial times in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Life as a colonist is uniquely presented through the eyes of children who lived during this period of American history. Their daily routines, schooling, home life, and recreation are brought to life with stories and facts as told by the children who would have experienced them. A recipe book, craft collection, and games all are included in this site to provide the viewer with fun activities that teach about the time period in a hands on manner. There is also a section that explains potential jobs that the kids might one day grow up to hold. A gallery of tools used by a colonial woodworker allows the viewer to choose a photograph of a tool, and select it to learn more. Video clips throughout the site help visitors learn about things such as the clothes that were worn in the time period, as well as the ways in which people traveled throughout the region. Overall the site provides viewers with a comprehensive picture of the life of a ?Colonial Kid?.
U.S. Mint
US gov't mint! A site put out by them for kids. Has games, cartoons, time machine, coin news, etc.
Volcano world
Everything you ever wanted to know about volcano's.
Webmonkey for kids
oooh gotta love webmonkey! Your kid bored? Likes to putter on the puter? Wants to make his/her own website? Then this is the place to go. Webmonkey is a virtual playground of information on website building. Anything and everything you've wanted to know. *hint* great for beginning adults too! There's a pop up ad with this site.
The 'Why' Files
Discover the science behind today's news headlines. Kids and adults alike will be intrigued by the in-depth and easy-to-digestarticles from the Why Files, brought to you by the University of Wisconsin and the National Science Foundation. Recent features explore hidden meanings of the chickadee call, the ethics of stem cell research, and the future of the Hubble telescope. Let this light-hearted site take you into the heart of the latest news stories.
Winter fun
This site is packed with things kids can do in the winter to occupy themselves. It has lots of kids recipes and crafts and activity ideas for hours of fun. *note to parents* This site has religious materials on it as well.
World Almanac
for kids is now online. They still would like you to purchase their almanac but there is lots to look at here for kids including polls to take and a monthly feature article, places and things you can explore.
World Village
Puzzles, games, clipart, screensavers, homework helper, comics, and much more.

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