This section is under major reconstruction. It is going to take me considerable time to finish it. All the photo's do still work though as I'm working on it. Hopefully, if I'm not too exhausted after redoing this section, I will also rescan some of the pics on it. If you are having problems reading this page please just scroll. The background will remain fixed and only the words will scroll. Thank you for your patience.

You have discovered my creative side. This is my photography site. You may find some of these on my graphics site as well made into desktops. I hope you can see the beauty and romance in nature that I provide here and enjoy your visit. For the time being there are no portrait shots on this site. That is something I have recently gotten into and will be adding in the future. This is a site to simply sit back and relax to and enjoy visually. There will be very little reading to do here.

All photo's displayed on these pages are mine. I am self taught so don't expect professional pics and my scanning abilities have something to be desired at times as well. I have found they do lose quality in the scanning. I do hope one day to add some pics taken by friends. See below for directory of sections.


Some of the directory's (index pages) on this site have clickable thumbnails. When you click on one it will bring the picture up in a new window for you. When you are finished viewing that particular picture, simply click on the X on the top right of that window and it will close. This leaves the index page open for you to click on again so you do not have to keep going back and forth.

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