Please fill out the form below completely, (there is only one "optional" item at the bottom) if you have trouble sending it (you shouldn't) you can copy and paste the same information below to an email.
See rule below about signing the guestbook (there are 2 different ones in case one is down)
And if your website is selling ANYTHING you do not qualify.
I will not respond to applications that do not comply with either of these rules.

YOU REALLY NEED TO READ "THE RULES" BEFORE FILLING OUT THIS FORM! I no longer reply to applications that blatantly ignore the requirements of applying.

Thank you for applying for one of I_want's Awards

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My "kinder, gentler"(purple), personal, graphics, photography or html?

STOP - Did you sign my guestbook? If you are about to type in "no but I'm going to" I suggest you read below.

"SIGN my guestbook! This is IMPORTANT, then I know you were actually at my site and not just at this page! You MUST sign the guestbook AND comply with the rules to get an award. I do not make exceptions. I use it to keep track of my winners as well. My guestbook link is on every page of this site. If I get your application and you did not sign the guestbook then it won't be acknowledged. Or if I get an application for a site with violence, whether real or game, or more adult oriented material (in other words something an 8 year old shouldn't be viewing) I will not acknowledge it either. There are two guestbooks, if one is down the other is working. Both guestbooks have a 'confirmation page', you must confirm your message or it won't take. If you do not sign the guestbook do not expect an award or an email from me. I will not take the time if you won't. Sorry, but it has come to that. I do not make exceptions either as it isn't fair to others that apply.

*Optional* Could you please tell me where you found the link to my page at? Stunning, fast, FREE!

Remember, if you don't hear back from me then you didn't read the rules and you don't qualify

If you can't send this form for any reason (possibly aol, or web-tv) please just cut and paste the below questions to an e-mail to me and send it to

1) Your full name.
2) Your homepage title
3) Your homepage address
4) A little bit about your homepage. A description.
5) Why you feel you should win the award
6) Which award would you like to win? "PICK ONE PLEASE"
7) Do you accept attachments in your email? YES OR NO
8) Which site of mine did you originally go to? Purple or Personal?
9) Did you sign my guestbook? It is a prerequisite so I know you have been at my site and not just at this page! Also, I will be spending considerable time at your site and if you win the award their will also be a link back to your site on my winner's page so please be so kind as to sign my book as a small token you have actually .
*Optional* Could you please tell me where you found the link to my page at?
Thank you...

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