I'm dismayed to have to say it but it happens, cyberstalking.

BUT.... for your information, so if this happens to you, I have decided to put this information page up that you can use for resources to put a stop to your problem hopefully. I'm afraid it is up to you to perservere and provide these following places with all the details they need. And keep on top of it. They do work though from what I'm told.


"WIRED PATROL" (formally Cyberangels)

This is an extensive website. Please take the time to go through it all. Their main page looks like they deal only with issues involving children but they also deal with adult issues. Their "laws" info deals with U.S. State Laws, U.S. Federal Laws and Canadian Laws.


"Stop Net Abusers, Inc"

This is an interesting site. If you scroll down a bit you'll find 3 certain stalkers to watch for.



This is an information page on U.S. House passed bills concerning harrassment on the internet.



A vast amount of info is available on this site. This site has information about what the U.S. Dept. of Justice considers cyberstalking.


and.... last, if this cyberstalking is on a yahoo club or over their messenger you can always try contacting them at: "YAHOO TERMS OF SERVICE"

Go there, read their terms of service and at the bottom of the page is a link to their abuse email addy. They addy of this particular 'customer care' page is Report Abuse at Yahoo" Try it and be very firm and let them know you mean business! *NOTE* Include everything! If you are talking about posts on a club include the post numbers and the club name! If you are talking about someone bothering you in your email be sure to send the email INCLUDING FULL HEADERS to them. If you are talking about their messenger service, be sure to have them saved to your hard drive and mail the messages to them with your complaint.

If you don't do the following you will only get an email back asking for it, giving them more time to delay doing anything about the problem.

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