As a Web-user, you download files left and right. But do you really know what you're getting? Here's a list of file types, so you'll be able to pick and choose what you're getting just by looking at the extension:

* Extension .pdf: Acrobat file -- document with layout preserved.

* Extension .dll: Provides functions or data to a Windows program.

* Extension .doc: Document, like a Word document.

* Extension .xls: Excel spreadsheet.

* Extension .exe: Application program.

* Extension .jpg: Commonly used graphics program.

* Extension .gif: Commonly used graphics program.

* Extension .dcr: Shockwave file -- enhances Web pages with multimedia, such as animation.

* Extension .wav: Digitally recorded sounds.

* Extension .mid: Digitally recorded sounds.

* Extension .mp3: Digitally recorded sounds.

Be forewarned about tinkering with DLL or EXE or VBS files unless you know what you're doing and you trust the source you're downloading from -- they could damage your system! This also means just because your best friend sent it it doesn't mean it is safe. Famous last words..... "It was from a good friend of mine".......

Also...... be aware of jpg.exe or gif.exe if it has these 2 extensions together you probably have a virus there and do not open it.

Speaking of virus's... get yourself a good program and also a subscription to a newsletter from a reliable and well known virus program site like Symantec (Norton) or McAfee, etc.

ZDnet has good newsletters and you can subscribe to them at: "ZDNet".

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