So glad you dropped by :-)

This is my link page to my guestbook. I'm so glad you thought enough of my site to leave me a message.

I am hoping you don't mind this little extra step to sign or view my book. There is a reason for it though. A while back the guestbook program I used had a major server crash and my guestbook was lost to all. Since the server crashed they had to change all the html and such. With so many pages on my sites it is getting impossible to make the changes per page. I hand code so I do not use an editor. This can and is a huge job.

To make life easier for me, if this should ever happen again, the only link I will now have to change is this one. I do believe it will make things easier for everyone in the long run as I received many messages about my guestbook being down and that people couldn't sign it.

Thank you again for taking the time to sign/view my guestbook.

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