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Do you have a website yourself? How about posting your website page here and then I can come back and take a look and so can anyone else that wishes too! It's a good way to pass your URL around.

*NOTE* Family oriented personal sites ONLY. Any commercial/professional and or porn site entries will not only be ignored but a serious complaint letter (including a complaint of spam) will be sent to your server without hesitation on my part! (for more info, see below) *NOTE* This also means the linking of organization pages/professinal business pages, etc.

To see other's links or to post a link to your Website in my Free-For-All Links page... Click Here

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Free-For-All Links
Add a link to your website!

Actually, I have made catagories for other types of sites too so if you would like to add your 'family type' site be my guest. All links are on an 'approval system'.. I will be notified of when you submit your link and check it out. sorry folks, but I keep getting porn sites and commercial sites linking here and I'm tired of going in and removing them.

Note for those that don't understand the term "no commercial sites" .. if your website (or the site you are trying to link to me) sells anything, or if you are getting pennies or whatever per link DO NOT link here or I will send a letter of complaint directly to the server of the website, the registar of the website, the email server and the owner of the website which are all easily tracked. Servers do not appreciate spam and can and do pull websites off the net that do this. Links to me are easily tracked as I have this on 'approval' and an email is sent to me and commercial/professional and/or porn ones are kept and sent with the letters of complaint. Not only is all the relevant information on that email but so is your IP number. If I wanted to provide free advertising for someone or promote something I would put the links on my site myself.

If you are a porn site of any kind the letter going out will be a very strong one and will go to anyone and everyone that will take the complaint seriously.

I don't think I can make this any clearer so if you still attempt to link then you can't say you weren't warned. *NOTE* This also means the linking of organization pages (pro or con groups/organizations/charitable/affiliates, professional business pages, etc.

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