"The Perks of being a member of
I_want's Gifts from the Heart" Webring"

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There are many "perks" to joining this particular webring. They are as follows:

I_want's "Gifts from the Heart" Webring was created to be a lot different from other webrings on the net.

1)We are a webring of many different subjects. This is not a webring for one specific subject.

2) By doing this you can literally surf our webring all night long and not leave it once to find a vast array of sites to visit that are all family friendly sites.

3) Although I created this webring, I consider it "our" webring and any and all ideas, suggestions or comments are always welcome.

4) Questionable sites that wish to join our webring will have their URL's sent to all our members and then they can give their opinion as to whether or not it is suitable for our ring. This can happen at times if a site is bordering one of our rules.

5) We pool our resources and network amongst each other. This allows for more hits to each page than the average webring in the long run.

6) All members of this webring must join a members only email list This way they will be assured to get any new information concerning the webring or the URL's of new members. This is for members only and is not posted anywhere on the main site. Sorry, but this is a necessity. Email programs only allow so many bcc's at a time and we cannot be doing one mailing after another to pass along important information such as possible webring problems (for example.. webring's main site's server was down recently). By using a listbot we can do it all in one mailing.

7) Although we have all these things available to you as a member of our webring it is up to you if you wish to utilize them or not. It is not a prerequiste to participate in the message board, or to even meet and greet other members. We have these things available to you as a member only if you wish to use them. It is a prerequiste though to join the webring members only listbot.

8) We now have a website specifically for webring members. This website address will be given to you after you join the listbot along with the list of URL's of other members. On this site is everything you will every need concerning the webring. Any URL's are on this site. Also there is a change of email/url form, and introductory letter to new members, virus information, a short survey for new members to fill out, prior newsletters, and much more. As things are suggested or ideas given there will be more added. It has been made for you to utilize if you like and everything is there in one place. No jumping all around!

Well, that about covers the "perks". You get much more with I_want's Webring than most webrings. All we ask of you is to adhere to the rules and meet the criteria accordingly.

What we are not about..... We are not a place to collect emails and send out requests to join one thing or another. (ex: if you have all advantage and are looking for members this ring is not for that purpose)

- We are not about spam. (This includes sending other members jokes, URL's etc. without their permission) If you have new pages you wish everyone to know about, use the message board unless you have their expressed permission to send them to them.

- We are not about soliciting for votes for site fights. We even have a page for members to join up for specifically that. They sign up and only the ones that sign up can be solicited for votes.

- We are not a "jump off point for other webrings".

- If any of these things are done and noticed or complained about, the site will be removed from the ring. These are just ways to avoid problems. No one likes unsolicited email filling up their email programs, or being hounded for one thing or another. This helps keep this webring a better place to be. I have been in webrings where I have started receiving an onslaught of email from other members for such things and I removed myself from them. I don't like it done to me, I don't want it to be done to the members of my webrings.

Does this sound like the kind of webring you want to join? If so simply go to "I_want's Gifts from the Heart Webring Application Form" and read the rules carefully and completely and if you agree, just fill out the form and send it on it's way to me!

Take care......

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