THIS PAGE HAS CLOSED FOR THE TIME BEING IF NOT FOREVER. NONE OF THE LINKS TO MUSIC WORK! The reason for this is people out there hotlink to my music or put links to it on bulletin boards on the net and it causes too much traffic to the site and puts my bandwidth up sky high. Bandwidth isn't free. So, thanks to those thoughtless people out there, everyone loses. I may put it back on at a later date but for now if you want a particular song you can try emailing me and I can email the song to you. I suggest you put the words "Requesting a song" in the subject of your email.

On this page you will find many different songs of many different music genre's. Some are in .ra format which I really don't like because they are played through real player but such is life. I really am not a 'real player' fan. Most of these are in wav format, sorry if they cut out but the files are fine, it is real player. .ra formatted files will have an * beside them so you can avoid them if you like. lol

If they cut out simply wait for them to finish loading and then hit the play button again and it will go all the way through.

If you would like more of a music selection I have a Music Section you can view.

If you find a link that doesn't work please let me know.

Below are the names and info of the tunes. Just click on it to hear it.
Song Name & Link Info
Unchained Melody 474 k's - Righteous Brothers
She's all I ever need 849 k's
Amazed 456 k's
I got you babe 553 k's
Baby it's you * 34 k's - .ra file
Unknown Title - beautia waw 519 k's
Be my baby * 31 k's - .ra file
Chains - Michael Bolton 409 k's
Come To Me (partial) wav 301 k's
Help me make it through the night 378 k's
Just another day - Jon Secada 569 k's
Justify your love 567 k's
L`Darlin * 32 k's - .ra file
She's like the wind 547 kb's
Ever loved a woman - Bryan Adams 627 k's
This magic moment * 31 k's - .ra file
Missing you - Michael Bolton 517 kb's
My beautiful stranger 758 k's
Kiss from a rose - Seal 693 k's
Bed of Roses - Bon jovi 689 k's
Forever tonight 605 kb's
Lady in red - Chris DeBurge 484 k's
Learn to be still - Eagles 618 k's
Back on my feet again 498 k's - Michael Bolton
Do it for you - Bryan Adams 597 kb's
Just one look * 32 k's - .ra file
Only make believe * 33 kb's - .ra file
Only you * 31 k's - .ra file
You don't own me * 30 k's - .ra file
Platters Medley* 33 k's - .ra file - Only you, The great pretender, The magic touch, My Prayer
Smooth Operator - Sade 686 k's
Ain't no sunshine 489 k's
There goes my baby * 33 k's - .ra file
I want you to need me 798 k's - Celine Dion
Total eclipse of the heart 483 k's
Unforgettable 401 k's - Natalie & Nat King Cole
What if 711 k's
Wish I was your lover 371 k's
Wicked Games 1,119 k's - Chris Isaak

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