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Throughout the years I've had a habit of voicing my opinion when it comes to useless products, health hazards, spam (one of my favourites), faulty products, etc. etc. I think you catch my drift.

These letters over the years have become known as my 'love letters'. lol Friends and family actually ask me to write them for them occasionally when they feel they've been ripped off by a company etc.

It's a great way to vent and a productive one at times as well. Recently it got me $50.00 from one company and free products from another. The $50.00 was because I discovered too late that a place I use that has a 'points' program with purchases expires your points but didn't make it clear so I went to cash in my points and discovered I lost out on $50.00 worth of them. It annoyed the hell out of me and they got a 'love letter'. I got my $50.00, an apology and was told another $25.00 was waiting.

Towards the end of last year I discovered my isp was overcharging me. They had changed hands and dropped their rates but it turned out they didn't bother to drop mine. I ended up with free internet for almost 5 months due to my little 'love letter' to them.

When I'm having 'one of those days'.. and need an avenue to release a bit of stress and something stupid or maddening like the above comes up, these 'love letters' are actually a productive way to vent and release some of that stress and or frustration.

Sometimes these letters are written simply to voice a concern or tell a company how I feel about a new or improved product (which I find are rarely improved with the exception that it's cheaper for them to make which improves their profit margins). What prompted this page was such a product, a new product, made to do nothing but enhance profit margins and can be detrimental to kids health. Heinz products of all places. I will be listing these places and if you feel a 'love letter' of your own is warranted to them, feel free to 'vent'. :-)

I will give you as much info as I can here but at times it will be up to you to find a way to write/call or fax when it concerns specifically you.

Many years ago I stopped writing the 'consumer dept' of places or their 'customer care' centres. I write the C.E.O. or the President or such. If you dig hard enough you can come up with the head honcho's name and some kind of number for him/her. Somewhere there is a fax #, a phone #, an email addy. Sometimes it's like a treasure hunt. I needed to write the head of our bank one day which is the largest bank in Canada. That man was their best kept secret but with some perseverance and many calls I finally got his email! :-) That is all I needed. They had lost important papers in a branch move (forced on their clients, not a choice of ours) and the new branch mgr's solution was not to find them but for me to go to a lawyer, pay the legal fee's and have the papers drawn back up and bring them to them! Not likely!!

Sometimes all you need is on the internet for you. Company websites. They almost always have contact numbers of some sort and if all else fails and the one you are looking for isn't there, then cc all contact email addresses that are! Who cares if it goes to the wrong dept? Someone there will forward it where it needs to go usually or are dumb enough to send you the proper email!

No contact info on the website? Then do a whois on the company. This is done easily. Simply take the company url (without the http://) and go to "" ( and run it through their 'whois'. You will find a load of information there in the results. If it comes up that this is a 'sub-domain' or a foreign company and url and can't be searched there's a solution for that as well... go to: "" ( and run it through there. They run sub-domains. Still can't find it? Go back to the page you are looking to complain to, watch it load on your browser. In the bottom taskbar where you usually see the name of the url opening you may see a number instead. Watch carefully as you'll have to get that number fast. Write it down exactly as it states, periods and all. Then go to "" (http:// and run that number through there.

Can't find the company URL? Go to a search engine (I use altavista) and type in the company name and do a search. If it's a product, check the label and find the parent company. So many of these company's are owned by another one and only the parent company is listed. I recently needed 'blue ribbon spices'.. I couldn't find anything on the net. Looked at the label and discovered that after 3 different mentions of corporate names and trademarks it was owned by Liptons. This originally wasn't for a complaint but to try to find a product that I've used for years but seemed to have disappeared from the store shelves, but I did let them know how convoluted this process was for me to find who owned them.

Now, this all may seem extreme to do some simple griping to but.. it usually gets results and something back for my time. Especially when I feel I'm being ripped off again by some company. Plus, if enough people took the time to actually write a letter (most sit back and think someone else will do it) then it's possible to have unhealthy or unnecessary products pulled or even something in your pocket for your efforts. If nothing else, it allows me to vent some steam :-)

Btw, please don't ask me to write these letters for you. I only do that for family. My motto has always been, if you didn't vote, then don't complain about what the person that got in does! In other words, if you don't do something yourself about it don't whine about it.

Now, want to see Heinz's wonderful new product??? I'm sure there's some reason they think it is needed but it's beyond me what it is and it's anything but a 'healthy' product! Click below to the next page. I'll be adding to these as I either discover them or people send them to me if I think they warrant a place on the page for others to write as well. There is a link to a form you can fill out to email me your 'vent' on this next page.

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