THE GIFT - YEAR 2000!!

This is a story about 2 amazing women and my Christmas Gift from them. They are my mom and my best friend. They are best friends, caregivers, tear and laughter makers extrodinaire, shoulders to lean on and a couple of nuts :-) And when I count my blessings they are #1 and #2 on my list.

The story starts with another x-mas around the bend and me driving them around the bend. They do their share of driving me as well with all the whispering.

The Friday night before this Christmas in walks my best friend Karen, and her daughter Lisa. Karen has a grin on her face as does my mom, and a bag in her hand.

She lifts the bag, shows me, and I think she has lost her mind! The bag is very distinctive. The bag is from "Birks". Now... for all you Canadians, you know "Birks". For all the Americans, it is like your "Tiffany's" in New York. For all of us... we just window shop there! lol

Here's the bag!!
Here is the bag!

They are all grinning now. Karen proceeds to tell me, "Yes, it is the "real" thing". She continues and tells me she saw the perfect gift for me but being it was in "Birks" it was just a bit too much for her. She called my mom, suggested the gift, suggested they split it and so, with an outreached hand they say "Merry Christmas", "This is your gift from your mom and I" and Karen adds that I have to open it now!

I take the bag, stunned and put in on my diningroom table and peek inside. Wow! Inside is a gorgeous dark blue velvet box a bit bigger than a cigar box. Gloriously wrapped with a purple ribbon. I took the box from the bag.

The gift out of the bag!
Beautiful eh?

This is so beautiful I don't want to unwrap it, so this explains the pics! I had to get pics of this.

The gift out of the bag!
o.k. I took two shots of this.

They are all getting anxious and are waiting for me to open this thing. Even they agree it is almost too pretty to unwrap.

But I do!

Ever so slowly I take the ribbon from the box.

The ribbon off the box - I'm getting there!
The ribbon is off the box.... I'm getting there.

I OPEN THE BOX!!!!!!!!! Huh? What is this. Well, it is obvious what it is but I'm puzzled. It is a mouse for my computer.

The box is open!
It's a mouse!

I can't figure this out. I ask myself, "Are they nuts?"... "They go to Birks to buy me a mouse for my computer?".... I stare at this box. It is a mouse alright. There is the cord, and the plug. And the mouse has an envelope of that spongy protective wrapping on it we all see with computer hardware and such. But.... it is sitting in white satin with a little white satin ribbon wrapped across it..


I move the white ribbon from across the mouse and pick it up. I start to remove it from the spongy protective wrapping and cannot believe my eyes!!!!!!


Well, I just about died. I have never heard of such a thing let alone seen anything like it in my life.

Do you believe this??? I got a Sterling Silver Mouse for my gift from them!

My mom, Karen and Lisa are all grinning away like the cat that swallowed the canary.... and laughing. I'm glad no one got a pic of my face when I saw this.

What an incredible gift. But you know what? What else did I expect from two very incredible women!

And that is the story of my first gift opened for Christmas 2000.

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