This page has the links to the archives of my virus information. You can check them out as you please.

Each archive when clicked on will come up and include at the top of it a list of what virus's it has details about.

Also please also check out these sites. There is a wealth of knowledge and information on each of them. And get yourself an anti-virus program! You can just click on the links and they will come up in a new browser. Information available at these sites includes real virus and hoax virus info and also they usually have their anti-virus program available at these sites for those that sell them through a link to their main page.

*NOTE* I stopped updating this some time ago but there is still a wealth of information on these pages and I'll keep them online. If you wish up-to-date info please go to my new Daily Realtime Virus Update page

"McAfee Anti-Virus"
or it is at:

"Norton Anti-Virus Programs/hoaxes"
or it is at:

"Symantec Active and Real Virus info"
or it is at:

or the page is at:

Another reliable one is: "MYTHS"
or it is at:

Another very good and well known one: "DATAFELLOWS"
or it is at:

or it's at:

or it's at:

or it's at:

And last but certainly not least.. you should have a firewall on your computer as well. It provides a different service than a virus protection program. You really should read this page then do some research on the net for a good firewall. This is an excellent page full of information on just about anything you want to know about virus's, hacking, etc. Great for beginners to experts.
it's at:


"Virus Info Archives 1" - includes info on: - BUBBLEBOY - How to spot a hoax - STEATH VIRUS - AVOIDING ZIPPEDFILES/EXPLOREZIP - Credit Card Fraud warning email

Virus Info Archives 2 - includes info on: - W32/NewApt.worm - NEW ALIAS FOR MYPICS - W95/Babylonia - W32/Mypics.worm - MINI-ZIP OR W32/ExploreZip.worm.pak - THE "GRINCH" VIRUS
Virus Info Archives 3 - includes info on: - Happy99 - HLLT.Irok.10000 - UPDATE - W32/Pretty.worm.unp - Clonewar.923 or Hey You - W32/Pretty.worm.unp - VBS.Tune - W32.Crypto - W32.LoveSong.998 - Kill98.Trojan - W97M.Backhand.A - W97M.Chantal.B - W97M.Vale - Feliz.Trojan - W97M.Armagid.A - Zelu - VBS.Lucky - and BackDoor-G2. - other
Virus Info Archives 4 - includes info on: - The VBS.NewLove. - For Users of Internet Explorer - WScript/Kak.worm - UPDATE ON LOVE BUG - ILOVEYOU (Copycats) - STAR TREK SCREENSAVER!!
Virus Info Archives 5 - includes info on: - ANNA or ANNAKOURNIKOVA or OnTheFly - VALENTINE" or "VALENTINE.A" VIRUS - W95.MTX - THE CHRONIC VIRUS - KRIZ - SNOW WHITE - NAVIDAD
Virus Info Archives 6 - includes info on: - "W32/Nimda@MM" - "W32/SirCam@mm
Virus Info Archives 7 - includes info on: - js.gigger.a@mm, FBI warns of Windows XP holes, Trojan horse targets file-swappers, w32.reeezak.a@mm, 'Happy New Year' worm hits Windows, ZaCker, WORM_GONE.A, Badtrans.B, Aliz, Microsoft MS01-020 patch for Internet Explorer 5
Virus Info Archives 8 - includes info on: - WORM_SHREW.A, MyLife worm, Gibe (w32.gibe@mm), Yarner (w32.yarner.a@mm)
Virus Info Archives 9 - WORM_KLEZ.G (Medium Risk), X97M.Divi.O, ABAP.Rivpas.A - Also Known As: SAP.VSoft.A, SAP.Willi.A, ABAP/Rivpas, VBS.Resreg@mm - Also Known As: VBS.Resreg, VBS.Chick.C@mm - Also Known As VBS.Breetnee.C, W32.Klez.E@mm
Virus Info Archives 10 - A Hacker's Tool - BKDR_INTRUZZO.A, More on Klez.G & Klez.H, A Variant of PE_CIH - PE_CIH.1049, Snoopy Debuts in a Proof-of-Concept Virus - VBS_BIMORPH.A, Flash program security hole, Outlook Express security hole,
Virus Info Archives 11 - Important article on 'PASSWORDS', Microsoft Debugger Article.
Virus Info Archives 12 - Yahoo scrambles to fill Messenger hole, Report: Hole found in Excel, and Klez.h

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