On this page you will find a few different things related to the web or computers. Bits and pieces of information. These are put here purely for your information and it is up to you what you choose to use or try. These are not recommendations downloads, it's completely up to you.

Below are the names and URL's of links and pages and a short description of them. Click on the name to reach their page or link.
Page Name/Link Short Description
DOWNLOADING FILE EXTENSIONS INFO Learn different file extensions and what they are before you download them.
BACKFLIP This is a great place for keeping all your favourite bookmarks safely. I've used this program for a long time now.
MY BOOKMARKS This is another great place for keeping all your favourite bookmarks safely. I've used this one for some time now as well.
HUSHMAIL If you've got top-secret information -- or simply want to protect your privacy -- there's a free, Web-based e-mail client that encrypts and decrypts messages on senders' and recipients' computers.
About.com A page full of links for html tutorials.
University of Brighton An excellent interactive online html tutorial. One of the best.

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