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This "Gifts from the Heart" Webring was created June 14th, 1999


NOTE: If your website sells anything, this is NOT the webring for you. We do not know how to make this any clearer. If you do sell anything you will not be contacted and your time putting the ring on your site will be wasted time on your behalf.

NOTE: We do take the time to go over each entry and go to all pages, if we find ANY of the items mentioned in numbers 2, 3 or 4 we will simply delete the entry (including indirect links). I will not be asking you to change any pages. If you have read this page as requested then you will know what we expect of your page and what we won't accept. Also, if your page has graphics or is about graphics we would like them to be clear for the most part and to please watch the typo's and spelling mistakes. (nobody is perfect, we realize that) Pages must also be in English or have an English version. Sorry, but I only read English.

If you would like a quick peek at all the wonderful graphics and webring boxes we have available please just go to " I_want's Gifts From the Heart Webring Boxes and Graphics" These will come up in a seperate window for you so you won't lose your place here.

There are also many "perks" to joining our webring. To see them simply click on "Perks". After you read them come back here, read the rules and criteria below and if you meet and agree with them, sign up to be a member.

Note: We do recheck webring pages occasionally, if it is found that a member has put up something that we have a rule against we will request that the particular page be removed. If the webring member chooses not to, they will be removed from the webring. Also, that any site found to be involved with ANY groups/and or webrings that allow anything that is in #2, #3 or #4 of our rules section, it will be automatically out of the ring and not considered to be in the ring. I realize this sounds strong but we are trying to keep to our rules and keep this webring as "family safe" as possible for everyone and each site an enjoyable experience for all. If you wish to discuss this with me please just email me at Ringmistress .

1) All sites must be a "gift from the heart". This DOES NOT mean as in 'gifts for sale'. This also means not just full of links. It must be full of personal design (Meaning things from your heart, things that please you. It could be pictures, poetry, quotes, hobbies, art, graphics, etc.) A site made of simply links of places to go does not qualify. I have decided to try a different kind of Webring. There is no set/specific "subject" for my webring. This webring is for the "kinder, gentler" places on the net. The lighter side of life. The "Gifts from the Heart". And there must be some information about the webmaster (you). Items of interest that you would like to share with others.

2) "NO" adult content (i.e. pornography, or links (direct or indirect) to it, nudity (includes what some call "adult art"), foul language, hate literature, etc.) No pages that harass or speak poorly of other sites or webmasters (this includes boycott's of other sites). This is a "family webring" and nothing of the above likes will be tolerated at all. Your site must be a "family safe site" meaning a parent should not have any qualms if their children visit your site.

3)Personal homepages only. NO commercial sites allowed. READ THIS: This means if your site sells your crafts, photography, etc, it DOES NOT meet our requirements. We do allow for things such as amazon.com. If your site is commercial we will simply delete the submission form. No contact will be made to the submitter.

4)I'm sorry but I do not accept religious sites. There are too many religions out there and it can offend others to click on something that is not of their belief. (This includes all religions, recognized or not, wiccan, new age, etc. ) There are many webrings out there that are for religious sites only. We suggest you go to "Ring Surf" and do a search there for religious webrings available. We also do not accept sites on diets or medicine. These should be discussed with a doctor or naturopath in an individual doctor/patient basis. Not on an internet homepage.

5)You must link the graphic for the webring TO YOUR OWN SERVER! Any linked to my server will be removed.

6)You cannot alter the code in any way other than the email address, the owner (you), and ID number, if needed (but it shouldn't be). If so you will be removed from the ring. Part of a rings success is given to the recognizable ring box.

7)Please! You must place your webring graphic and links on the URL you register. For example, if you register http://www.mywebsite.com, do not place the webring graphic and links on http://mywebsite.com/page/mypage.html. The reason for this is very simple: users of I_want's "Gifts from the Heart" Webring should be able to travel smoothly from one webring site to another. Sites that come after a page that has their ring links on a separate page don't receive as much ring activity as they are entitled to, and that isn't fair to them. If the ring box is not on the same page as the URL you give it will fail the ring check. If you use frames either put the ringbox on your main page or give the SPECIFIC URL to that page.

8)I have the right to remove your site from the queue/webring without any explanation.

9) You must have your html on your site by two (2) weeks. If not it will automatically be removed. When it is up on your site, email me and let me know. *smiles*

10) As a member you must join the private webring newsletter/update list. You will receive a Topica Invitation. Simply follow the instructions and send it back "reply" email. This is to help faciliate in sending any messages that must go out to all members. Webrings have problems at times and it can occasionally effect webring members of all webrings not just this one. This will enable me to send out just one message instead of a limited amount several times because of "spamming" rules on emails. Emails tend to limit the # of bcc's you can send at a time.

IF YOUR WEBSITE SELLS ANYTHING THEN DO NOT APPLY!! Your application will not be responded to.

To add your site to the queue, please fill out this form:

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Please CLICK THE ABOVE BUTTON ONLY ONCE. It may takes some time due to the great number of rings that are moving over to ringsurf, where our ring is now. If you click it more than once it makes duplicate applications that are no good and have to be deleted. Thanks..

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If you already have a registered site, edit your information here:

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Submitting your page to the queue does not make you part of the ring. After submitting your page to the queue, you will receive an email with the proper code to insert on your web page. You then must insert the code on your web page. Also, please place the webring graphic at your own site. Do not call the graphic from here. If you ever have any problems with the code, please email the Ringmistress and I will help you the best I can with your code. If you are on AOL please refer to their instructions.

After your code is placed on your web page, you just need to email the Ringmistress to let me know that your site is ready to be added to the ring. Please do this within 2 weeks of submitting your site. I, and/or other members, will look at your site and, if your site meets the criteria for the webring, I will add you to the I_want's "Gifts from the Heart" Webring and will notify you once your site is "officially" in the ring.

Please pick one of the 12 graphics to put on your site and netring will send you a submittal email with the proper html for it when you submit the above form. After your graphic and HTML are placed on your site DO NOT alter the code, it must look like one you choose. Remember, you must email me and let me know when you have put the webring on your page so I can go check it out.


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