In this section you'll find recipes for diabetics. These are really just good old healthy eating recipes. You don't actually have to be diabetic to use these.

I've also tried to include the stats for as many of the recipes as I can. Nutritional values and diet exchanges, etc.

I've been diabetic since 1990 (at least) and those that know me have requested I start a section like this. Using healthy eating habits you discover you can drop excess weight at a healthy pace and this will not only help control your diabetes but can also reduce your need for medication for it for some people. Before you use any of these recipes, although they are safe, I do recommend that you speak to your doctor about it first. You need him/her to know you are eating healthy and it's important that he check your cholesterol levels and such as diabetes effects these immensely with diabetics. Even healthy eating at times can't help this situation and you should be tested to know if you require medication for this as well. Plus.. you need to know by a professional just how many calories you should intake a day. Don't just judge this for yourself. It varies greatly due to age, size, sex, etc. Seeing your doctor on a regular basis is so important to a diabetic so you are able to keep on track, keep things running smoothly and hopefully prevent or delay long term side effects of this disease such as blindness, heart disease, kidney disease, etc. Don't ever forget it isn't the diabetes that will kill you, it is the secondary effects of the disease that will.

Now.. get your scales out and get ready to weigh your portions!! :-) Btw, if you don't have a scale and you are diabetic, shame on you.. check out your local pharmacy for an inexpensive one. Or if by chance you are on weight watchers or have ever gone there, use the scale you can purchase through them.

For sodium (salt) reduced diets I suggest you omit salts from these recipes where it is called for and for such things as canned tomatoes, broths, bouillon cubes, melba toast, etc.. purchase sodium free ones wherever possible. If you are diabetic you know the game. :-)

For recipes calling for ground beef (lean), I suggest straining the ground beef after cooking it and then rinse it under extremely hot water to run off any remaining fat. I do this all the time and it really doesn't effect the taste of the recipe but does reduce the fat intake for you.

As a diabetic you are aware that you really should, if at all possible, purchase the leanest cuts of meat available. I realize this isn't always possible due to financial restictions but I always recommend that all the fat be cut off any meats being used to make them much leaner.

Craving sweets? Check out "Alternative Foods"

" Apple Pancakes "
" BBQ Chicken "
" Cod Fish Southwestern Style "
" French Dressing "
" Hearty Halibut "
" Hungarian Cabbage Rolls "
" Italian Dressing "
" Java Chicken "
" Knockwurst & Sauerkraut "
" Lemon Chicken "
" Mayonnaise "
" No Fat Oven Fried Turkey "
" Orange French Toast "
" Puffy Omelet "
" Salmon Loaf "
" Savory Loin Pork Chops "
" Stir-Fried Pork with Cabbage "
" Thousand Island Dressing "
" Turkey Scaloppine "
" Veal Piccata "
" Baked French Fries "
" Baked Cod Crumble "
" Beef Casserole with Dumplings "
" Beef Porcupines with Tomato Gravy "
" Bran Muffins "
" Cheesy Shepperds Pie"
" Corn Muffins "
" Cream of Tomato Soup "
" Creole Steak "
" Flaky Salmon & Asparagus Tart "
" French Onion Soup "
" Hearty Vegetable Soup "
" Spicy Hungarian Goulash "
" Pork Chops with Apples "
" Split Pea Soup "
" Spicy Cajun Casserole "
" Swiss Steak "
" Yummy Onions "
" Zesty Lemon Fish in Packages "
" Penne with Tomatoes & Italian Sausage"
" Oatmeal Fruit Bars "
" for future use"

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