I prefer my garlic bread sliced like this. I find I get much more garlic butter on it and more flavour.

Long thin stick of french bread
Margarine (you do not need actual butter for this)
Fresh Garlic

Items you will need:
pastery brush (for garlic spread)
garlic press
chef or carving knife (to smash garlic with)
bread knife (to cut bread with)
bowl (to microwave garlic/margarine in)
cutting board

cut ends off garlic cloves          use a large carving knife or chef's knife to hammer the garlic clove flat
Get your garlic and cut the ends off it then take the "paper" off it. Do at least half the head of garlic, you'll need a lot. Get your chef's knife or carving knife and garlic press ready.

use the knife to flatten the clove          so it's a bit easier to press the garlic, cut it in smaller bits and get your garlic press
Use your chef's/carving knife to smash the garlic flat. Once done then I would advise you to cut the smashed pieces up a bit before putting it in the garlic press. It will make it easier to press.

garlic press          garlic ready to put into the press

garlic press          press garlic into bowl

margarine          long thin french stick
Put 5 or 6 heaping teaspoons of margarine in with the pressed garlic. You do not have to use butter for this, margarine works great. Take your bowl with pressed garlic and margarine in it and place it in the microwave for 45 seconds. Stir it well then if needed add 5 seconds at a time but you shouldn't need more time. It takes only seconds for the margarine to melt. Once melted, set it aside. Get your loaf of bread to prepare next.

first cut of bread should be right down the middle like you are cutting it for a sub sandwich          next cut is right down through the top and bottom slice - this gives you 4 nice triangular cuts of bread
Take your bread and the first cut of it should be through the middle of it. Like you are going to use it for a sandwich. Keep the pieces together and your next slice should go right down the middle from the top slice to the bottom. This creates 4 lovely "sticks" of french bread that will brown lovely.

lay out your 4 pieces of bread and your garlic spread          with pastery brush brush on a good coating of the garlic/margarine

Put it in the oven under the broiler and watch it. Don't walk away because once this starts browning it goes very, very fast and can burn before you think it will. It won't take long to brown under the broiler. Minutes. Below is the finished garlic bread.

finished garlic bread

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