In this section you'll find recipes for items I always include in my 'holiday' baskets. Even some other recipes that I normally don't put in my baskets but would possibly make a great addition to your own. Most are easy recipes and come out great even for the novice baker. Some of these are my own recipes. A portion of these recipes are on other sections in this 'recipes' website but I thought it would make life easier if I made a section specifically for this with the links to the pages.

Also try the "Just Cookies"
or the newly added (Dec. 1st 2002)
"Gifts In A Jar"
sections for other delicious recipes.

" Cappuccino Coffee Mix "
" Peanut Brittle "
pictures included
" Butter Tarts "
The "Real" thing!
" Butter Tart Squares "
pictures included
" Caramel Popcorn "
" Reindeer Turds! lol "
" Deep, Dark, Delicious Brownies "
" Pineapple Cake "
pictures included
" Lemon Squares "
" Gingerbread Ornaments "
" Peanut Butter Cookies "
" Coconut Macaroon Cookies "
" Easy Divinity "
" Gingersnaps "
" Holiday Cutouts "
" Icebox Sugar Cookies "
" Light Brown Sugar Cookies "
" Praline Pecans "
" Chocolate Cherry Thumprints "
picture included
" Pumpkin Fluff Dip "
"No Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies "
" Maple Snack Mix "
pictures included
"Raspberry Bars "
" Butterscotch Drops "
" Candy Cane Cookies "
" Cranberry Tarts "
" Frosted Tree Cookies "
" Holiday Brownies "
" Christmas Fruit Drop Cookies "
" Figgy Thumbprint Cookies "
" Lemon Hearts Cookies "
" Spice Cookie Cutouts "
" Sugar Twist Cookies "
" for future use "

Other sections you may wish to see:
"Holiday Hints & Tips"
"Gifts in a Jar"
"10 Tips For Cookie Success"
"Gift Containers for Cookies"
"Glazes and Icings"
" Trimming Cookies "
" Packing & Shipping Cookies "

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