This takes a bit of time, not much, but it is so good you won't get enough. You can double this recipe however make sure you have a really big glass dish to cook it in.


1. Boil the rice. Watch it, it will absorb all the water when itís done - You DO NOT need to strain it. Note* Always use Arborio rice. It's a lovely short grain white Italian rice. Once this is cooked you'll see why.

2. While the rice is boiling put the raisins in a bit of water and microwave them on reheat for 3 minutes. This will plump them up nice and make them soft.

3. When the rice is done dump the sugar into the rice.

4. Put the hot raisins in the hot rice. (drain out any excess water still in the bowl first)

5. Take your 3 eggs and break them into the dish you are going to cook this in. Beat them first and then add the cream/milk/vanilla and cinnamon to the eggs.

6. Next is a critical step and has to be done slowly. Add a bit of the hot rice mixture to the milk mixture stirring as you add it. Continue to add SMALL amounts of hot rice to this but only a bit at a time so the eggs donít cook! If you donít do this tempering step the eggs can cook from the heat of the rice/raisins. Stir as you go along until you have completely added all the rice. Stir well before popping into the oven.

7.Put in oven at 350 for about 40 minutes.

Enjoy. Btw, it may look too too creamy when you take it out, donít worry, when it sits for a few minutes out of the oven the rice will absorb some the liquid. You may want to add a bit more cream or milk later, especially the next day.

rich creamy rice pudding          finished rice pudding, rich and creamy

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