Always cool the cookies before wrapping and freezing them. This prevents moisture from forming when a warm cookie is exposed to the cold air in the freezer.

Store cookies in a cold freezer, as close to 0 degrees as possible. Sometimes your refrigerator freezer isn't this cold. Check it.

Wrap cookies well before freezing them. Wrap one or a pair of cookies in plastic wrap, then seal them in a plastic freezer bag, rigid plastic container or gift tin. Then label the containers with the date and contents.

Store cookies inside the freezer rather than the door shelves, which are warmer.

Leave cookies in the freezer no longer than three months.

Defrost cookies with their wrapping in place. The moisture that forms during defrosting forms on the wrapper, not the cookies.

After you bake and cool cookies, wrap them individually in plastic wrap and freeze them in gift tins. Wrapping them in plastic wrap looks attractive and keeps them fresh tasting. When it's time to give them out, simply remove tins from the freezer as you need them.

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