In Remembrance

  This poem was written by a friend of mine, Troy. With his permission I have added it here...

In Remembrance

With a quick hand, and no conscience,
A coward came calling.
It is because of him, we’ll have to live
...In Rememberance.

In rememberance of a child who goes to bed at night,
Without the kiss of their parents.
They shall not have another book read to them by dad,
Or a boo-boo’s pain kissed away by mom.

In rememberance of the coworker, friend, husband, wife, child, business partner,
One that you saw every morning or spoke to during the week.
Replaced with memories and pain,
Feelings of rage, spite and a sense of desperate loss.

In remembrance of the fireman, policeman, and medical worker,
That know nothing else but to risk their lives to save another.
They paid the ultimate price to do their duty,
And they are all heroes in America’s mind.

In rememberance of buildings that stood tall,
A symbol of capitalism, commerce and regalism.
Rendered dust by those who despise our way of life,
And all that being an American stands for.

In rememberance of the safety of being "home",
The land of the free, home of the brave.
Forever changed are our perceptions of bliss,
Death came to our back door, and we left it wide open.

In rememberance of the innocent,
Whose lives meant so much to so many.
Until the killer came and indescriminantly snuffed them out,
An unjust sentence for living or being in America.

In rememberance of all that is sacred,
Liberty, freedom, choice, happiness, family and security.
In one falling swoop they have been replaced with,
Fear, terror, loss, anger, dispair and disbelief.

In rememberance of this moment in time,
An unnecessary wake up call to the leaders of our great nation.
That no liberty, freedom or sacrament should ever be taken lightly,
For there is always someone there willing take it away from you.

It is a sad commentary of this day.
So many lives lost.. innocent lives.
For what may you ask?

I pity the jealous, for the hand that strikes them back,
Will be more powerful than the one they struck with.

You are now my enemy.
Whatever condolences I may have had for your cause is now lost,
In a dust storm of mortar and concrete.

Hell will rain down on you..
Enjoy your new paradise.

©Troy L Dawson

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