Below you will find some links of places where you can do things on the net concerning the attack on American Sept. 11th, 2001

Candles of Peace
This is terrific. A wonderful idea. You can put the name of a loved one in and make a candle of peace. It is over 200,000 now.

American Flag"
This is different one. Another American Flag you can print out for your own use.

Message to Times Square - ABC News
Here you can send ABC a short email with your comments or feelings!

Light a Candle for Peace"
This is another page where you can light a simple candle for peace.

Campbell's Soup - Click for Cans
Help your NFL team feed the hungry, just click on the helmet of your favourite team and they get a can of soup donated per click"

Thank you Mayen & Shirley for the above links :-)

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