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Wav Name & Link Info Lyrics
God Bless the U.S.A.
by Lee Greenwood - 570 k's No Lyrics Available
Star Spangled Banner
by Leanne Rimes - 600 k's No Lyrics Available
Livin on a prayer
by Bon Jovi - 730 k's No Lyrics Available
My heart will go on
by Celine Dion - 608 k's Lyrics
Holding out for a hero
by Bonnie Tyler - 1,360 k's No Lyrics Available
I Can't Cry Hard Enough
566 k's Lyrics
Soldier Boy
by The Shirelles - 386 k's No Lyrics Available
Blaze of Glory by Bon Jovi 797 k's No Lyrics Available
Sounds of Silence
by Simon & Garfunkle - 450 k's Lyrics
You are my special angel
by Bobby Helms - 378 k's No Lyrics Available
If I had only known
by Reba McEntire - 750 k's Lyrics
Silent Lucidity
by Queens Ryche - 875 k's Lyrics
There must be an angel
by the Eurythmics - 1,243 k's no lyrics available
Born to be Wild
by Steppenwolf - 789 k's No Lyrics Available
You'll never walk alone
by the Lettermen - 533 k's No Lyrics Available

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