A Tribute to Fallen Citizens

  I received this poem from a friend of mine, Laura. After the act of war perpetrated on the United States on September 11th 2001, her homeland, she was at a loss for words. The next day she wrote this wonderful poem and I asked her permission to share it with you. It goes as follows...

In dedication to our fallen brothers and sisters whose lives were
taken for no good reason. You have not died in vain. You will not be
forgotten. Your death has instilled in the American people a renewed
resolve to keep our nation strong, united...
One Nation Under God!

Today, a day of tragedy
Of deep emotional toil
Another day of infamy
Performed upon our soil

Many people died today
There is no rhyme or reason
Apparently this terrible act
Was some sort of getting even

But getting even for what I ask?
What was it they did to you?
That you should come and take their lives
So suddenly out of the blue!

I’ll tell you now with deep conviction
You’ve not advanced your cause
You’ve simply alerted the Eagle
Who now opens up its claws

As it searches out the rodents
That scamper in the cracks
Then scamper out again
And think they’ve left no tracks

You’ve awoken the mighty Eagle
It eyes now open wide
And there is no crack or cranny now
No place that you can hide

©2001 Laura A. Lanning

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