Real & Legitimate ways you can help. There is a lot of information on this page. I have provided links and have also simply typed the link on in most places too just in case a link doesn't work. Please read info below about scams out there even in these times. It is important you are aware of where your money is going and that it is a legitimate organization.

To Give Blood:
American Red Cross 1-800-GIVE LIFE
New York Blood Center 1-800-933-BLOOD

To Make Financial Contributions:
American Red Cross 1-800-HELP-NOW
United Way 1-212-251-4035
Salvation Army 1-800-SAL-ARMY

To Volunteer Services (New York):
FEMA World Trade Center Relief 1-800-801-8092's Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund
You can contribute from $1 to $100 to the disaster relief. Amazon has waived all fees and will donate every cent collected.
Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund

The American Red Cross
Make a donation online or locate the Blood Center nearest to you.
Red Cross

Red Cross Online Donations: Online Donations"

Red Cross Blood Bank Locater: Blood Bank Locater

Emergency supplies... New York City is currently overwhelmed with volunteer and material donation support. The only donation requested at this time is heavy equipment. Anyone able to offer vehicles or equipment, please visit the following site:
Emergency Supplies offers a list of rescue organizations providing aid. Learn the vitals, from where to give blood to where to give money.

PayPal Relief Fund
PayPal has created a special fund to help its members easily provide assistance to those affected by these tragic events. Registered users can donate money, which goes toward the Disaster Relief Fund at the American Red Cross.
PayPal Relief Fund

Salvation Army
The "specific use" option at the Salvation Army's donation page allows you to target those areas you feel are the most in need.
Salvation Army

United Kingdomís All About Giving
All About Giving has set up a special fund -- called Helping USA -- which allows UK and European residents to help out by donating Sterling, Dollars, or EUROs.
United Kingdom's All About Giving

United Way of New York City 100% of your contribution to the United Wayís September 11th Fund goes to the support of the victims and their families.
United Way

Thank you to for providing the following information..

Protecting Yourself While Helping Others.
Recent news reports indicate that a variety of Web and email scams have emerged since the September 11 tragedy, attempting to exploit the good intentions of those seeking to make charitable contributions to help the victims.

One particularly widespread e-mail solicits donations for the Red Cross -- the link, instead, leading to a Web site unconnected with the popular, nonprofit relief organization.

Itís always wise to personally validate and verify the charity youíre donating to before disclosing credit card information or sending a check. Also keep in mind that few, if any, charitable organizations request funds by sending unsolicited email to people not previously connected to that agency.

Some general tips to safeguard against online charity scams:

* Understand how your donation will be used.
* Mail donations only after you have personally verified the address of the charity by phone, especially if your donation was solicited (in general, be cautious of phone solicitations for donations).
* If following a link to make a donation, be aware of the Web site you land on -- ensure that itís the one were expecting and verify that itís the charity to which youíd like to donate.


If anyone gets a phone call requesting donations for the Twin Towers disaster, don't go for it. It's a scam and the city of New York's Mayor has announced it. If you do get the call.. I'd play along and get the info and report it. (but that's me personally, not a legitimate suggestion from officials) But for sure it's a scam.

Email groups warn of terrorism-related scams online

SAN FRANCISCO -- September 12, 2001 -- Email protection and consumer advocacy groups warned today of online attempts to fraudulently profit from yesterday's attacks on the USA. These attempts are taking the form of unsolicited e-mail ("spam") and postings in community forums, soliciting "donations" in the name of victims of the attacks.

A typical message claims to be part of an "Express Relief Fund" or "Victims Survivor Fund". One message claims that donations will go to the Red Cross, but the donation link leads to a Web site unconnected with that organization.

The Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email (CAUCE) and SpamCon Foundation offer these tips to help determine whether a request is valid:

If you don't know the organization or person who sent the request, it's probably fraudulent.

Virtually no bona-fide relief agencies request funds by sending email to people who are not already involved in that agency. Solicitations made in this way may also violate laws in the United States and Europe. (See

If you click on a link to donate, examine the URL shown in your browser. If the domain name of the URL is hidden, unfamiliar, or doesn't match the link's text, the request is probably fraudulent.

Verify the solicitor's identity through another medium (such as phone) before giving money. Spammers frequently forge the identity and style of well-known entities to gain credibility.

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