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The one on the left is 48k's.. the one on the right is optimized and the one on the right is only 10 k's. Thank you James for optimizing this for us.

Animation Factory owns this gif. They do allow it to be used publically. This looks good on both black or white backgrounds. It is a transparent gif. My sincerest condolences to all.

God Bless America

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"US Tribute (this page)"
"Emergency Numbers & Links"
"Tribute Poem to Fallen Citizens"
"In Remembrance (poem)"
"Fly the Flag on your computer or in your car window!"
"Presidential Speech - Sept. 20th, 2001"
"Music Section
A small variety of music"
A card you can send to others"
"Links to places you can go to show your
support and do things"
"Ways You Can Help and Not be Scammed"
"Gif's, Jpg's & Banners Index"
"World-Wide Petition Against Terrorism"
"Strange things sent to me"
"Links - including other tribute pages
and links to news & misc. sites"
"Photo Section (just beginning)"

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