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Welcome to my Valentines Cards site. There is a good variety here for you to send.


When you are finished viewing the card or sending it, simply click on the x on the window at the top right corner of that page.


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If you are looking for something very unique to send and you have a favourite photo of your own, scroll down and click on the banner for my own postcard site. There you can upload a personal pic from your computer to go on one of my hundreds of cards for many reasons including the holidays :-)) Happy Valentines Day!

Classic Cards to Send

How Do I Love Thee
To A Husband
She Walks In Beauty
One Day I Wrote Her Name
Lovers' Infiniteness
I Do Not Love Thee
(This is a love poem)
A White Rose
To A Stranger

Simple & Cute cards to send.
Below are the names of the cards and a short description of what type of card they are. Click on the name to bring them up.

Name Short Description
Share My Candy? fun/cute type
The Minute I Saw You Romantic type
Yellow Rose of Friendship Friendship
Making Up Trying to make up?
Psssttt cute (mouseover effect)
One cute (mouseover effect)
Best Friend for a best friend
Friendship for a friend
Passion a bit of passion



For more great cards see 123greetings.com - Valentines

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