"Christmas Borders"

Welcome to the Christmas Backgrounds section of my website. The backgrounds on this X-Mas section are linkware and free for you to place on your personal web sites if you follow the simple guidelines below.

To see each background in full simply left click on it in the frames below and it will take you there.

X-mas Backgrounds by Vickie


To use my backgrounds please do the following:

1. Left click on the background of your choice and it will bring up the full size page.

2. Right Click on the background with your mouse and then click on "save as" or "save image as" and save it to your own computer. Do the same for the graphics button on the page. Then upload it to your own server. Do not link to the graphics on this site!!

3. Do the same process with the graphics link button. Place the button with the link to my site on the same page you use the graphics linking back to I_want's Page! using this URL: http://iwant.on.ca

4. Do not alter the backgrounds. Do not place them in graphic collections or offer them as free downloads from your web site.

5. An email would be appreciated to let me know you are using one of my backgrounds.

Background 2000 vjr
All Rights Reserved.

mini angels
mini candles
mini candles
"Candles 2"
mini doves/heart
mini fireplace
mini gifts
mini gold dove
"Gold Dove"
mini horn
mini partridge
mini puppies
mini red/green holly
mini santa
mini santa foil
"Santa Foil"
mini santa foil
"Santa Foil 2"
mini santa sack
"Santa Sack"
mini snowman
mini stained glass
"Stained Glass"
mini teddybear
mini teddy/stocking
mini tree 2
"Tree 2"
mini tree 3
"Tree 3"
mini wreath
mini candy cane 2
Cane 2"
mini holly 2

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